Islamic Information Bureau Unites Muslim Women Groups

    Sheikh Muhammad Uthman addressing the audience
    Sheikh Muhammad Uthman addressing the audience

    The Islamic information bureau has asked Muslim women in the country to be united and work together towards the development of Islam. Sheikh Muhammad Uthman made the remarks at the fully packed Iqra Islamic Propagation Centre in Blantyre on Sunday June 20, 2015. The sheikh said that women must be encouraged to support one another in their religious projects so that Islam in Malawi remains strong.

    The Sheikh said that the Islamic Information Bureau has lined up several programmes targeting Muslims in Malawi during the holy month of Ramadhan because “it was the woman khadija who became the first person to embrace Islam. Therefore we have to encourage them to work together so that our religion remains strong,” he said.

    Muslim women listening attentively to the lecture

    “A woman is a key member in the Muslim society. If the woman understands the religion of Islam the rest of the family members will also understand. It is said that if you teach a woman you have taught a nation,” said Sheikh Uthman.

    Sheikh Uthman said that Muslim women in Malawi plays a fundamental role in supporting the needy, the elderly and the orphans and it is important that their groups should support one another in these endeavors so that their projects should bring maximum tangible results with a long lasting impact on its beneficiaries.

    Speaking to Malawi Muslims reporter after the function, women from different organizations hailed the initiative by the Islamic Information Bureau for bringing them together saying that it has demonstrated how strong the Muslim community is in Malawi, especially in Blantyre.


    Mrs. Daudi and Marrium Mkalo of Kanjedza Sister said that the gathering will assist them reinforce their imaan because the sheikh tackled a lot of areas that are pertinent to a Muslim woman.

    Hajra Allie commended the Islamic Information Bureau for bringing the women together at one venue and address them and address them on matters that are pertinent to their day to day affairs.

    “It is not easy to bring women from different organizations together at one place and address them on matter concerning their religion because of varying group objectives and catchment areas,” she said

    The function brought together women from different groupings in Blantyre, namely, Kanjedza Islamic Sisters, Kanjedza Prayer Group, Blantyre Muslim Women Organization Prayer Groups, Imaan Haqq Sisters, Munazzamat Dawah Islamia Women, among others.