Islamic NGO’s Asked to support the needy

    Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad: Made the appeal


    Muslim Association of Malawi {MAM] has urged the Islamic organizations in the country to support the needy in order to improve their livelihoods.

    MAM National President Sheikh Muhammad Idrissa made the remarks in the field of traditional authority Nkowola Sub Machinga in the southern district of Malawi, during the zakaat meeting.

    Sheikh Idrissa said he has noted that the most vulnerable people in rural areas are not served.

    “Of course what the National Zakat Fund has done a commendable one, hence there is need for other non-governmental organizations to advance and follow their example.” As you might recall, this is what we are looking for as far as I am concerned and I have encouraged Muslims in the country to learn the importance of paying the zakat, to be self-sufficient, “said Sheikh Idrissa.

    He therefore, praised National Zakah Fund for helping those in need living in remote areas.

    Speaking at the same function Sub Traditional Authority Nkowola said it will be at the forefront of the vanguard of the issue of zakat which is significant in as far as development of the country concerned. It was noted that the payment of zakat the country develops further.

    Chief Nkowola further pledged to distribute zakat in the neighborhood where Muslims are facing food shortages. “We have scheduled this year in my area zakat must be distributed in another district where there is hunger,” said chief Nkowola.

    During the meeting of National Zakat Fund distributed blankets and boxes NAZAF soap Maluwa the elderly and vulnerable living in the area of ​​Sub Nkowola traditional authority. Biton Ajaw NAZAF President said his organization will continue to help the needy in order to fight poverty which is one of the main problems facing Malawi.

    Courtesy of Rais Online