Islamic Organisations in Malawi Need to Do More – Honourable Mia

Mia: We need to do more
Mia: We need to do more

Islamic Organisations in Malawi are doing great job towards the propagation of Islam and development of the country. But, there is still a lot they need to do, that is if we can go by what Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Trustee Honourable Sidik Mia said on Sunday June 23, during National Holy Quran Competition prize presentation ceremony held at Iqra Propagation Centre in Blantyre.

Honourable Mia who also happens to be Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure, said despite building several Islamic centres, the organisations need to go an extra mile by building more schools, hospitals as well as Islamic university.

“This is where we need to focus right now. We have a lot of organisations that have potential to do that. These facilities will not only benefit Muslims but others as well. Let’s emulate what our friends of other denominations are doing,” said Mia who was also guest of honour at the function.

The former MAM Treasurer General also bemoaned the tendency of other organisations’ leaders who pretend as everything is well in the Muslim community.

“Sometimes these organisations do receive potential donors from outside the country. But, instead of convincing them that Malawi is still behind in terms of Islamic infrastructure, we show them the few good facilities we have and tell them that we are doing fine. No! Take them to the villages where children are sleeping on the cold floor. Take them to other poor centres where children are eating beans every day. By doing that, I think they will be able to appreciate the plight of Muslims in this country and may come in to assist,” he added.

National Holy Quran Competition is organised by Al Barakah Charity Trust every year. The aim of the event is to encourage young Muslims to read and memorise the Holy Quran.

This year’s event was the ninth, according to National Coordinator of the event Sheikh Amani Matiya.

The winners are selected in three different categories and compete at Zone, district, regional and finally at national level.

And this year’s event has seen the winners going away with various prizes such as cell phones, bicycles, blankets, watches, t-shirts, flasks, plates and many others.

Commenting on the function, Honourable Sidik Mia said there is need for organisers to make the event a real national event. He said it is very sad to note that the programme is not much publicised which leads to the low turnout of participants.

He however, acknowledged that this happens due to the inadequate of funds.

“Next year’s function should be really a national event – not just for few people as we have been witnessing in the past. I want it to be done in an open ground to accommodate everyone. We want people outside there to see what Muslims are doing and at the same time motivating our young ones. I know the problem is lack of funds and I promise that I will do whatever I can to make this dream a reality.  I will help to fund this programme,” said Mia amid cheers from the people who came to witness such magnificent event.