Islamic Relief Malawi presents Eid Gift to BT orphans


    He used to go to school every morning with his bear footed and sometimes he could wear slippers of different colors and make. His feet had never tasted how his fellow students feel when they are in a decent school shoes.

    His name is Adam Kathumba 11 year old pupil at Namasimba primary school currently in standard five.

    He has one parent (mother only) and his father passed away when he was 2 years old but he has a dream of owning a company in future. He faces more challenges in his day to day life since he goes to school with one exercise book.


    Mia: We want them to be in new clothes on Eid day

    The coming in of Islamic relief Malawi with the special Eid Gifts which the organization distributed to over 500 orphans and other vulnerable children in Blantyre has really changed his situations.

    “Am very grateful to Islamic Relief for considering me to be one of the beneficiaries in this program and it’s like a dream to me receiving this beautiful pair of shoes and other school materials. This will improve my performance in class since I will be looking presentable like others and I will be actively participating in everything,” said Adam.

    Islamic relief Malawi organized this gift for the orphans around Blantyre district and some of the areas benefited are like Bangwe, Zingwangwa, Manase, Nancholi and Soche just to mention a few


    Adam Kathumba: am very grateful to be one of the beneficiaries

    Head of Programs for Islamic Relief Malawi Sherifa Mia said they decided to give out this gift to the orphans as one way of showing love during this Holy month of Ramadan.

    “This year Islamic Relief Malawi received money from Islamic Relief Germany and Islamic Relief welfare office from UK to give this gift to orphans and other vulnerable in Malawi and the main reason is that these orphans should also cerebrate Eid and to be in new clothes during this day as well as assisting them with some school materials at the same time,” she said


    Adam was using this pair of slippers before when going to school

    The journey started from Bangwe where more orphans and other vulnerable children went back to their homes while swallowed their pride and IR continued doing the same at Soche Masjid where also the multitude of children went back with their shares.

    “The pack contains a pair of shoes, school clothes, biscuit and other items and we are also giving them a blanket as you know that we are in winter season,” Mia added.


    One of the beneficiaries in Bangwe township in whole attire and his blankets behind

    Asked the amount of money spent on this she said; “we have spent 20 million kwacha to buy all these things but this is not the only gifts because we also received last funding at a later stage which we also expect to buy some more gifts for others as well maybe that will take place next week In Shaa Allah.”

    She said this Eid Gift was only targeted for Blantyre because it is not easy to carry this program in other districts since the children are supposed to be tried on the size of the shoes as well as the clothes before presenting to them which it can be difficult to do it across Malawi.