It is an Honor to Serve Malawians – Abida Mia


The newly appointed Deputy Minister of Lands , Housing and Urban Development Abida Sidik Mia says she is ready to discharge her duties diligently.

Mia, a wife to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President and newly appointed Minister of Transport and Public Works in the Tonse Government , Sidik Mia says it is an honor to be appointed to the cabinet.

“I thank God for the opportunity to serve my beloved country as Deputy Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development,”

“God who weighs the heart knows that it is intrinsic in me honest passion, dedication and hard work to serve humanity and my country,” she says.

Mia says together with Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Kezzie Msukwa will to end malpractices such as corruption in the ministry.

“I will be going to the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development on Monday, to among other things, clear the rubble of corruption in land transactions, which if not cleared, will leave us Malawians as foreigners in our own country,”

“Fellow citizens; yours truly is a fighter and together with my boss, Honorable Kezzie Msukwa, it will be gloves off—a bare-knuckle fight against corruption and all bureaucratic bottlenecks that hamper effective delivery of services to the public. This is not mere rhetoric but a promise because as you heard from the President yesterday; we are on 5-month probation—to deliver or be delivered home. Think about it. The bar has been raised very high and it will be no child’s play to have one’s lifeline in cabinet extended as the president wants nothing short of stellar performance,” she says.

Mia promises to do her very best not for the fear of being delivered home in 5 months’ time but to
make a significant contribution in building a new Malawi, leave a good legacy when all is said and done and Inspire the girl child that it is possible to do a commendable job of perfecting that which is imperfect.

“To this end, it is my prayer to the almighty God to give me a spirit to fight gallantly and win big for our nation,”

“In the same vein, I entreat you, my fellow citizens, to support me as I discharge my duties. Your support will spur me to succeed and my success at the ministry will be our country’s success. It’s game on,” Mia says.