Lack of Transparency and Accountability at MAM Made Me to Resign – Treasurer General

    Njauju: Resigned
    Njauju: Resigned

    Treasurer General for the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM)  has resigned from the Muslims’ mother body due to what he described as lack of transparency and accountability on how the affairs of the association are being run, Malawi Muslims Official Website understands.

    Issa Njauju who is a professional accountant told this website in a telephone interview that he was dissatisfied with the way issues of finances at MAM were being managed hence stepping down.

    “The way some of the things at MAM are conducted are unprofessional. So, I feel this is against the ethics of my profession. These issues may have a negative impact on my career as an accountant, therefore I have decided to quit for the betterment of my future,” he said.

    Njauju became the Treasurer General for the association in the final year of Sheikh Yusuf Kanyamula chairmanship when he was co-opted following the resignation of Altaf Ghan.

    He then later elected for the same position during the 2011 election which ushered in new leadership of Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad.

    Meanwhile, Njauju said he has already tendered his resignation letter to the board of trustees and the executive.

    Asked to elaborate on any specific incident on the alleged financial misconduct, he said that “has been indicated in the letter which will be available for public later on.”

    However, MAM says is yet to receive the resignation letter from the Lilongwe based accountant.

    Some Muslims in the country have described the development as a major setback to the organisation as it struggles to convince Muslims to be contributing towards numerous projects in needs to undertake such as constructing health facilities in each and every district.


    1. I was hoping that MAM would respond so quickly to this article by clarifying whether or not the allegations of lack of transparency and accountability as stated in the letter of resignation by the Treasurer are founded. To lose such a high profile member of the MAM Executive with such allegations is not a small issue. In the same vein, the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is deeply concerned about this resignation and considers this as a big blow in the involvement of professionals in the running of Muslims affairs in Malawi. It is our hope that the matter will not be kept until it reaches a crisis before MAM comes in.

    2. As the treasure General elaborated his resignation based on ethics of his professionalism I congratulates him for taking bravery decision. I know him personally being my sheikh at Bangwe Islamic Centre between 1990 to 91. He is the Sheikh of Principles and we heve few sheikhs of his calibre. Being a sheikh he has set a good example of practising the words of our master prophet Muhammad(SAW) Who reported said; ” When you see an evil you must removed it with your hand, If you can’t speak about it and if you can’t you may detest it and the is the weakest of Imaan. I salute you Sheikh may almighty Allah shower his mercy upon you here and hereafter. Aameen.

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