Learning Circle for the Upcoming Sheikhs Introduced in Blantyre


A new learning forum Mudhaakarah al-Ilmiyyah for the upcoming sheikhs has been formed in Blantyre. According to the Amir (leader) of the grouping Sheikh Haafidh Zaid AbdulRasheed, the idea came after realising that they are other well educated sheikhs but they forget what they learned in their schools because they don’t have enough time to practice what they learned.

“It is difficult that all sheikhs to conduct sermons in mosques. In so doing, because of just staying and without having a platform for practice, they tend to forget and are forced to say some things that are contrary to what Islam says. So,, we want them to tell people only the truth,” he said.

“We encourage people to read and share the knowledge they have with their friends because we believe that nobody knows everything. So, by interacting, those who are not familiar with other topics or issues about Islam benefit from their friends. But our target is mainly upcoming sheikhs,” clarified Sheikh AbdulRasheed who is also Radio Islam’s program controller.

Sheikh AbdulRasheed also said members come up with one topic and meet every month at Mudi Masjid Hall in Limbe where each of them is asked to say what they know about that topic.

“We come up with different topics. For example, we can choose a topic like Islam and Shia and everyone is asked to go to the podium and share with their friends what they know about it. We have well qualified sheikhs whom after someone has finished reciting Quran or elaborating the topic; rate him or her according to their knowledge and tell them how they can improve. If it is for Quran recitation, they mainly look at the Tajweed etc. in fact it is not new, as our Prophet Muhammad (saw) also used to do that with his followers,” explained Sheikh AbdulRasheed.

According to the leader, the grouping started in January 2012 and it is appealing to the fresh graduates of Islāmic studies to join. Some of the members of the grouping include Abdul Hakim Mtenje, Isa Adam, Amin Yusuf Tawakkal and Jafar Idana.

“It is a joint effort and free of charge. Everyone is free to join us,” concluded the Sheikh.


  1. Allah-Akibaruu! Great investement in this dunia and Akhira. Proper knowledge is key for success. May Allah make reward them all

  2. Assalam alaikum.i totally agree to the above mission.listening to radio islam taught me to realise the fact that sheikhs are human beings and that they can also forget.sheiekhs could explain an issue in the same way but with some minor twists.thus for a listener, it took to listen to the same topic from different sheikhs several times before coming up with judgement on what was actually the trueth from the versions.so the taalim that you will be doing will be of help indeed.
    wassalam alaikum

  3. Thumps up Amir,Sheikh AbudulRasheed and the whole grouping.This is a recomendable development in our society.truely truely revive the sunnat of the prophet(SAW) at its best.Its good to join this grouping respected jamaatu Al muslimuna.May Allah give you Taufik.

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