Let’s welcome this month with two hands: Mufti



    Muslims in Malawi and around the world will on either Sunday 31st of July or Monday 1st of August 2011 (depending on the sighting of the new moon), begin fasting in the holy month of Ramadan.

    During this month, observant Muslims fast between dawn and sunset, getting up each day in the pre-dawn hours to eat the suhoor, and then fasting until the evening prayer (maghrib), which is followed by iftar, meal.

    Meanwhile, His Eminence Grand Mufti Qassim Abbas has asked all Muslims in the country to fast in this month which he said is of incredible value.

    “I would like to ask all Muslims in the country and around the world to welcome this important month with two hands for us to get all the blessings that Allah bestows on us in this month. We have to know that this month is important because it helps us to renew our faith and to repent our sins,” he said.

     According to Islamic teachings, fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the most important duties in Islam, one that even the people of other denominations observe.

    However, only children who hit puberty are allowed to fast, though many start building up to it when they’re younger with half-day fasts. Women who are pregnant or nursing, the elderly, and people with chronic medical conditions are also exempt from fasting.