MACRA Finds Radio Islam Guilty of Breach of Broadcasting Rules

    Radio Islam admitted guilty for insulting other religions

    The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has found Radio Islam Malawi guilty of violating the Communications Act courtesy of the recorded live comperative religion dawa programme:  Tipanga Dawa that used to be broadcast on their station.

    The station has since been issued with an official warning.

    The warning was publicised through a Press Release published in The Nation Newspaper of Thursday October 6, 2011 pursuant to section 54 (4) of the Communications Act.

    “This warning follows a meeting that was held at MACRA Offices on 3rd February, 2011 following a complaint from a listener in Mangochi.” says the Press Release.

    MACRA further says that Radio Islam itself acknowledged the “breach of the Communications Act, the Code of Conduct for Broadcasters and their licence terms and conditions” after it aired the Tipange Dawa programme on 4th December, 2010.

    Section 52 (2) of the Third Schedule to the Communications Act states that: “Broadcasting Licencees shall – Not broadcast any material which is indecent or obscene or offensive to public morals (including abusive or insulting language) or offensive to the religious convictions of any section of the population or likely to prejudice the safety of the Republic or public order and tranquility.”

    Warned alongside Radio Islam is Capital Radio who were found guilty after a listener insulted the State President Bingu wa Mutharika during a Day Break Malawi  programme.

    In February this year the Malawi Muslims website reported that MACRA had banned the Tipange Dawa programme however, Radio Islam officials later clarified that they deliberately withdrew the programme since the discussions with MACRA were not yet concluded.

    “It is true that MACRA received complaints from our friends of the Christian faith and MACRA communicated (the complaints) to us in writing,” explained Sister Fatima Jafali, a spokesperson for the station. “…In fact, we are discussing with them to see how best we can resolve the issue.”

    However, Radio Islam officials were not readily available to comment on the latest development.


    1. Well, this is a lesson to the da'is to mind their language during dawah functions. It is important to say what is supposed to be said according to scripture.Mind that any exergeration will end up into a grave offence than this. National Dawah Association (NDA) needs to talk to the group in question and caution them following the outcome of the case. Some have conducted dawah but no mistake to date. What is wrong with us? This is very pathetic.May Allah grant us understanding and patience.Ameen.

    2. A wake up call for Muslims to moniter Christian Radios that denigrate Islamic Religious Beliefs and raise a complaint to MACRA as a non-Muslim listener did against Radio Islam, which has necessitated MACRA to issue a warning against RAIS. Tisangokhala phwiii pamene amnzathu akutiyenda njomba. Ndinamvetsedwa kuti Radio Maria imasambulanso Chisilamu mnjira ya SADAKA. If this is true then we also have a case to raise with MACRA.

    3. I thoght the issue was sorted out?Radio islam stopped broadcasting the programme, now a MACRA akufuna chani?my fellow muslims tiyeni tikhale tchelu these poeple they just want kutseka radio basi.nafenso tiyeni tione mmene tikupangira ma dawah athu because it might not be thru the Radio.May Allah grant us understanding and patience indeed.

    4. Sometimes the truth hurts.this is exactly what has happened.I believe that those who have engaged our brothers and sisters of other faiths on a personal level will agree with me that, they dont take the scriptures that one can give them lightly.they mostly allege that one is accusing them of being liars,blind followers and they even find it so easy to accuse one of insulting their religion.Where I am, one might even just stop talking to them on religious issues because the moment one engages their Bible, they will accuse you of all sorts of ill intentions.
      The best we can do, is to find a way of conducting our dawahs without making them feel insulted but relaying the message.May Allah protect us from all evil schemes and increase us in knowledge.Allahuma ameen.

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