Madrasah Syllabus Formation on Track


    The formation of the Madrassah syllabus in Malawi is progressing well, a special committee tasked for the job has said.

    This is the first time in the history of Muslims in Malawi to come up with this initiative.

    If the syllabus will come to being then it will ease challenges Muslim children face when they move from one place to another.

    For instance children were forced to learn several syllabuses at the same level due to their parents’ movement from one area to another since several organizations in the country follow different syllabuses.

    This development has been making children to be torpid at one level.

    Chairman for the committee Sheikh Abdurrahman Kalako told Malawi Muslims website that so far the committee has managed to collect syllabuses from various organizations that have various Madrassah in the country.

    ‘The collection of the syllabuses is meant to synchronize the syllabuses in order to have one that will be in good test to all organizations offering Islamic studies.’’ He said.

    Once the syllabus is developed, Muslim Association of Malawi is expected to institute an examination board that will be responsible for all examinations written by Muslim children in all Islamic learning institutions in the country.

    ‘As of now the committee members are expected to meet by the end of this month to finally come up with a copy.” Sheikh Kalako said.

    This committee was formed five months ago during a meeting held at Albalaka Charity Trust in Zomba.

    Several organizations that have Islamic learning institutions in Malawi welcomed this initiative. These organizations include Al-barakah Charity Trust, Al-Nidau Islamic centre and Namanolo Islamic center.


    1. As'salaam 'alaikum. Great headways for Malawi muslims. Wish for the same in our country Zambia though we do not have organised madrasah system over here, This one here teaches this, the other one teaches that, this one is teaching kidz PESH the other one is teaching Kasrah, Dhammah etc. I this a standard system is cool. may Allah Azzawajjal make it easy for you all involved in this project.

    2. Welcome Idea..Go ahead! we need to see people getting degrees in islamic studies right here in Malawi tisamangodalira kunja basi….All the best as u carry this task

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