Malawi Education Sector Gets Chinese , World Bank Support


The Chinese Government and World Bank say they are committed to continue supporting the education system in the country.

This was revealed after the meeting of Malawi Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje with the World Bank Country Manager and Mr. Hugh Riddell and Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang on separate occasions.

The two diplomats pledged continued support to the Tonse Alliance Government for the realisation of its goals.

Both Ambassador Liu Hongyang and Mr. Riddell, each agreed the country cannot develop or make any progress if its human resource is not well trained.

“One cannot talk about developing a nation if its human resource is not trained with prerequisite skills to meet the demands brought about by various challenges requiring highly skilled work force, ” he said.

In his remarks, Ambassador Liu Hongyang, said Malawi needs engineers, doctors, nurses, economists, finance specialists and other specialists that will help uplift the nation from where it is to a different level, adding that China will continue supporting Malawi in its development endeavours.

“Every year China provides around 150 scholarships to deserving Malawians and we look forward to continuing such support to the education sector, with more scholarships that currently have been disturbed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Minister NyaLonje commended both the World Bank and the Chinese Government for the support that they render to Malawi, saying it is the wish of the Malawi Government to transform the lives of Malawians and that can only happen if we have the right people with the right skills available in various positions.

“We cannot talk of developing and changing Malawi without looking at the education sector; it all starts here,” NyaLonje said.