Malawi Female Students Beat Gambia to Reach Final in Sudan


Malawi female students football team at International University of Africa (IUA) has progressed to the final of a football tournament organised by Ambassador of Kenya in Sudan.

The students yesterday defeated students from Gambia with 4 goals to zero.

Director of Sports and Culture for Malawi students Lekeleni R Akimu told Malawi Muslim Website that the victory gives the students hope of winning the tournament.

“We have defeated Gambians in the semifinals. This was the most toughest team in the tournament but we played very well to give them 5 goals to zero,” Akimu who is also the goalkeeper of the team said.

She hailed defence of the team for blocking the striking force of Gambian students.

“Our defender improved though one of our defender got injured. We didn’t have an option but to replace her with another defender who also got injured during the last game but she tried her best,” she said.

The students are also featuring students from Mozambique and Zambia because they do things together.

The team will play a winner between Kenya and Ghana who are scheduled to play a second semifinal match today on a date to be announced.