Malawi gets blessings of Rain following Muslims three-day special prayers



    Malawians can now afford a smile after the country was blessed with a heavy rain on Wednesday following three-day special rain prayers by Muslims.

    On Sunday Malawi’s council of Theologians Majilis Ulama asked Muslims to pray for rain following a dry spell.

    “Prophet Muhammad  (saw) asked us to observe a certain prayer when we see there is no any sign of rain. So, we asked everyone to do that after each obligatory prayer before we have a main function on Thursday. However, fortunately, Allah has answered our prayers even before the main prayer event,” said Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, an official of Majilis Ulama.

    Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa and its economy depends on Agriculture. However, late coming of rain has a huge impact to the country’s economy.