Malawi Muslim Leaders Asked to Give Youth a Chance


Photo: A Muslim lady (in Hijab) doing what she knows best

One of the renowned sheikhs in Malawi, Sheikh Muhammad Uthman on Friday said he was very impressed with the function which Blantyre Muslim Youth Network organized saying it was just a reflection of what was happening before and appealed to his fellow leaders to give them a chance if they want to develop Islam in the Country.

Sheikh Uthman told Malawi Muslim Official Website after joint Eid Fitr celebrations at Chichiri Secondary School Hall where he was guest of honour and believes the Muslim Youth can play a big role if leaders give them a chance.

“You know these are youth so I am impressed [with this function] because is reflecting to what was happening before. To me is very important and as leaders we have to support them,” he said.

“They have got a very big role only that we as elders we don’t give them a chance. [But] if we give them a chance, they can play a very big role towards the development of Islam in the Country,” he added.

On asked in what way elders can give the youth a chance, Sheikh Uthman said:”We have to work with them together to advice them and to give them some support whether it is money or ideas because even if they have these organizations, they don’t have good ideas.”

On speaking on behalf of organizing chairman, Brother Ishmael Bwanali of Blantyre Muslim Youth Network said they organized the function as one part of the responsibilities they have as Muslim youth and called on all Islamic organizations to work together to uplift Islam in the Country.

“We have organized this gathering because we know that the future of Muslim community is in our hands. So I just appeal to all Islamic organizations who don’t participate in gatherings like this that let us unite and work together to uplift Islam in the Country. By doing that, I think we will see things in favour of us inshallah,” brother Bwanali told Malawi Muslim Official Website.

Brother Bwanali also said he was shocked with the crowd he saw at Chichiri saying that it was not what they expected as organizing officials.

“I didn’t expect this kind of gathering to come here. We expected only 500 youths and everybody was shocked to see the hall is full,” he concluded.

Among other organizations who attended the function are Firdaus Muslim Youth from Chirimba, Swabilina from Chemusa, Mudzayankha Nokha from Ndirande, Ryan from Soche and many others. Different Muslim artists and poets were also available.


  1. This is very impressive to see the Muslim youth engaged in such kind of activities so that they keep them selves busy and don't think of doing immoral behavior like drinking beer and smoking,just to mention a few. And special thank should go to our leaders who put welfare of the youth bearing in mind that the future the Ummah is in the hands of these youth. I would like also to have this as an opportunity to call upon the Islamic organization to take advantage of such kind of gatherings to put aside their differences and self interests,and try to bring the Muslim community together as the Holy Qur'an and the Ahadith of the Prophet (pbuh) teaches us to work together as one organ and not separately. May Allah unite the Ummah inshaallah. Aameen!

  2. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong. By the way does Islam allow boys and girls to touch each other even though its sports? Does Islam allow interaction of males and females even if they are youth? The above pic leaves a lot to be desired, that is Islamically if I am right or if my understanding is correct. Honestly how can a Muslim girl hold hands with Muslim brothers and moreover let the brother step on her chest. This is not on I think. Can someone out there help.

      • This concern is genuine. I think most people who felt this display was questionable are eager to share the truth, nothing but the truth about the rules on such actions inshaallah.May Allah give us patience and understanding after the truth has come to us.ameen.

  3. It does not require a mufti to interpret whether this act is haraam or not. That kind of inter-mingling is strictly prohibited and should be condemned. Moreover, that display was in front of men which another haraam.

    Nevertheless, I appreciate the unity displayed by the muslim youth in Blantyre

  4. This is totally not acceptable in Islam. As much as I recommend the activeness of our youth in our community especially now adays when there are so many organisations, but Iwould also like to advise our Youth not go beyond the limits of Islam.our youth should learn to consult the Ulamas before they anything. May Allah the Almighty forgive our sins. Ameen!

  5. The problem was that the leaders who were present did not touch this angle instantly while all the performers were ears on. This criticism will hardly reach them, well that i feel, unless theikh Chabulika(alhamdulillah that he has commented)make a point straight during the evening live program of za ku information burueau. This is because there are a lot that is happening of like in nature within the youth organisations and this has to be a point of U turn.

    Thanks sister for raising this hot topic back into a boiling pot.May Allah give us taufiq and understanding inshaallah.

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