The Website Extends Eid al Adha Best Wishes.


    So pray to your Lord, and sacrifice to Him (surah 108, ayah 2). Allahu akbarullahu akbarullahu akbar,La ilaha illallah, Allahu akbarAllahu akbar wa lillahi-hamd. (3 Times) As Muslims around the world complete the Hajj and acknowledge Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, The Muslims’ official website ( wishes to extend its best wishes to all Muslims around the world in general and Malawi Muslim community in particular.

    The spirit of this Eid serves as an important reminder of the values we all share the importance of faith and unity among the millions of Muslim families from all over the world

    As the Muslims’ official web site look to the year ahead, we hope we will all share the blessings of happiness with our loved ones, peace and prosperity with our fellow Muslims. It is our hope that people everywhere will embrace the spirit of loyalty and sacrifice that the Eid al-Adha embodies and continue their efforts to achieve peace and goodwill among all humankind in a compassionate and selfless manner. May Allah bless you all. Aameen.


    1. Mashallah brother. I think it is really important that we should share the little we have with our friends and family who can not afford to slaughter an animal. And for us youth, let us celebrate wisely by not indulging ourself in drinking alcohol and go out with illegal partners.

      • Yes brother its again another wonderful day where Muslims around the world celebrate this great day and share what they have (meat) and other different kinds of foods. It is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to cerebrate this occasion in an unique style. Sharing what we have with needy is the most thing one can do in this occasion, because this is one of the purposes of cerebration on this day. As you have said in your comment brother this cerebration should be celebrated within the boundaries of Islam, in fact the religion of Islam does encourage its followers to cerebrate only that it imposed the way how we should celebrate, I don't think drinking beer or doing anything wrong according to Islamic low is part of this celebration, any one who celebrates in that way must know that he/she is completely out of context of Islam (the complete way of life) so please lets celebrate this great invent in an exemplary way, by visiting our relatives, our friends or even those who are in hospitals so that they should at least feel the difference. Happy feast to all Muslims around the world.

      • Thank you very much for your beautiful question, of course it’s a long story and it needs a complete article for one to get complete picture behind the whole story. Eid-al-Adha is, according to Islamic teaching, a time for Muslims to learn the value of self-denial by making a sacrifice of something living to God. In short God the Almighty needs the hearts of his servants to be totally submitted to Him, and he (servant) s should not love something more than God, God tests us with something we love most to see if we are going to be patient and accept to the will of God or not. It is well know that Abraham (may God be pleased with him) have live for 86 good years without having a gift of a child from his first wife Sarah. When he married another wife (Hagar) he was blessed with a child (Ishmael) after a long period of supplications to God to bless him with a child. It’s natural for one to love something he have been questing for a long time, so Abraham loved Ishmael very much and God wanted to test him and let him love God more than anything else. Let’s look in this verse from the Holy Qur’an that tells more about the whole story of this sacrifice and how we can benefit from it spiritually. Allah says (translation) “My Lord grant me of the righteous, so we gave him glad tidings of a boy most forbearing (Ishmael his first born). And when Ishmael attained the age of work with him, he said: O my son I see in a dream that I shall sacrifice you; so tell me what you think, he said: O my father, do as you are commanded, you will find me, God willing, one of the patient”.(sura 37:100-102) Pondering the meaning of the verse we find that there is quite a number of spiritual benefits of sacrifice; 1: How Abraham obeyed by the will of God to sacrifice the first and beloved son to him for the sake of countenance of God. 2: With strong and total submission to the will of God Abraham believed the dreams and never said this is just a normal dream, and this teaches us how Iman to Allah should be. 3: The response from Ishmael to his father to go on and do what God has commanded him also gives us good example the Iman this child had in Allah and that he never hesitated to offer his soul for the sake of the countenance of Allah. In actual fact we have a lot of lessons from this act of worship, we find that Abraham and his son (may Allah be pleased with them) never obeyed by the command of their Lord in a state of anger or antagonism, but with strong belief in Allah, that if you and me today follow this exemplary of strong belief in Allah, the paradise is the only our last destination. May Allah grant us with strong belief inshaallah. Inshaallah I will bring a full article that will explain more about this story, thank you.

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