Malawi Muslim Women Call for Support from Men

    Dr. Cassim Chilumpha

    Former vice president of the Republic of Malawi Dr. Cassim Chilumpha on Saturday advised Muslim women in the Country  not to be worried with current low turn up of men in their activities saying this is happening due to some other factors.

    Women have been expressing concern over lack of support from Muslim men especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other important activities.   Chilumpha dismissed the claims saying Muslim men are playing a major role towards the development of women in the Country.

    “We are helping these women in different ways. For example, they had their own Ijtmah here in Mangochi [in August] where men also played a major role in providing transport and other forms of logistical support and I believe that we will continue to assist them until their needs are fulfilled,” Chilumpha told Malawi Muslim Official Website.

    Muslim Women Organisation (MWO), formed in 1986, has been operating without an office and the former Veep said Muslim men will look into that once other things have been sorted out.

    “We will try to help them to have an office because other projects we had, are to be completed soon and from there, I think we will be able to do that. It is not a thing that they should be worried about,” pledged the law expert cum politician.

    “There is a lot of work which is being done by different organizations [in the Country].  It is true it might happen that other people are not involved but we can’t conclude that they don’t want to help. It just shows that the work that Muslims are doing is quite huge.” He added.


    Remember, this comes to you under the assistance of Sisters F. Ndaila, K. Mdala and E. Tepani.


    1. This is a good advice.It is a good pledge to think of these women having their own office.This can strengthen thier already existing effort of developing islam if it materialises.Muslim men let us work up and support the former V.Ps pledge.inshaallah.

    2. Really it's an encouraging speech, our sisters need not to lose hope in their brothers, and we are here to assist one another. It's actually not good for our sisters to do without an office for operating this tiresome job of serving the Muslim community, operating from under the mango tree it really sounds embarrassing. We just pray that there should be others sharing the same worries as the former VP's. On the war fighting against the HIV/AIDS they really need our help as Muslim Men not just keep watching, each and every house of a Muslim should be concerned about this deadly disease, doing so we all by grace of Allah we will all be safe inshaallah.

    3. I am happy that after 24 yrs, I mean from 1986 – 2010, our men are now about, listen to this 'ABOUT TO' give us an office.

    4. We should thank Brother Marshal Dyton for his initiative of forming this Web because i think it is providing a forum of effective nettworking I can see that we have already started enjoying the fruits of the Web, imagine MWO was formed for about 25 years now and Men have only been giving minimum support,Special thanks goes to sisters Ndaila,sister Lipenga and Sister Tepani for sailling through rough waters if it was not for the hard work and determination of these ladies MWO was going to be a thing of the past. We Thank the men for realising that the women need their material support from them to manage their various activities. To us women we thank you for considering us and we shall not hesitate to contact you for support whenever there is need ishallh.

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