Malawian Muslims in review as 2013 Exited



    The year 2013 has gone, as it has to go in order to honor and respond to the climax of the earth’s rotational tradition. Yes it has gone but its imprints, provides with us a mirror to visualize all its mantras that flooded the Muslim landscape in this faded year 2013.

    Muslims in Malawi are pro-active, featuring in almost all areas of human development and endeavors, such as in politics, businesses, education, charitable work, and the list is endless. The more active and involved they are, the more it is expected to breed both positive and negative outcomes within and outside their parameters.

    The year 2013 just ended is not an exception for Malawian Muslims for being progressive and retrogressive. There were a number of positive as well as negative developments that got registered within the Muslim populous in Malawi.

    Sometimes we are forced to believe that change may bring goodness in human life. The change of government in Malawi brought a sigh of relief to the media practitioners, as the Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority in the year just ended granted licenses, which saw the Muslim fraternity having licenses for both radios and television.

    On the list; AL-Barakah Charity Trust, got its license under the name ACT radio, Limbe Muslim Jammat under the name LMJ radio and TV Islam owned by the mother body of Muslim organizations in Malawi; the Muslim Association of Malawi.

    Yes, the licenses were granted, but we might as wellnote that – having a dream is one thing, but getting a dream come true is something different. Malawian Muslims are eagerly waiting a cross the clock for the radios to take the air – waves and for the sole licensed television to beam. We have succeeded in acquiring the licenses, but success is not final. It will depend on our courage to proceed that will count. To this end, we might say that the year just ended is the year of media enhancement to Malawian Muslims.

    The pro-activeness of Muslims in Malawi more especially in the year 2013 was quite remarkable and diverse. Muslim youth in Malawi under the banner Annual Ramadan Conference, colorfully organized a conference which took place at Hotel Victoria in the commercial city of Blantyre, where the guest of honor was Fahad Assan a lawyer by profession who is also Minister of Justice in the ruling party of Malawi government.

    As what could be described as a tradition of Muslims in Malawi, both women and men respectively conducted their annual Muslim gatherings called Ijtimah.

    The women Ijtimah in Lunzu managed to invite the state president Madam Joyce Banda as guest of honor where the Muslim community received a good news that the government has allowed Muslims to open their Islamic university and Islamic Bank.

    So they say, the wheel of life revolves, the beggars of today are the princes tomorrow, the year 2013 did not only end on positiveedge for Muslims in Malawi, it also registered what could be described as retrogressive, as far as co-existence and tolerance in concerned.

    Muslims in the district of Mangochi had wrangles with their counterparts Christians over the rude and impolite sale of pork in the Muslim dominated district. Since peace is the diet of Malawi, the wrangle was resolved, bringing back the cordial relationship and co-existence between Muslims and Christians in the district bounce back to normal degrees.

    While the year 2013 is a year gone, what we failed and missed is also gone, what we wrangled is primarily gone, yet as Muslims let us hold fast in our dreams of bringing change in the lives of Malawian people.Lets work hard to gain and achieve what we may desire to achieve.

    There are a lot of things that happened in the just ended year but the most important thing is to ask ourselves what the achievements we have made in the past year and perhaps where we failed.

    Let us all make the year 2014 the year to progress and prosper in both spiritual and mundane life.