MAM Appeals for Financial Support From the Muslim Community as it Plans to Renovate Its Dilapidated Schools

Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad: Let's contribute towards the noble course

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has embarked on an initiative for soliciting resources for the renovations and construction of education facilities across the country.

Through the initiative, the association is urging Muslims to be making a contribution of at least 50 Kwacha per month.

MAM national chair Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad said this initiative is of great importance as it aims at improving the education sector in the Muslim community hence appealing for Muslims support towards it.

”As an association, we are facing financial constraints to maintain the schools that we have. This is why we have come with this programme to ask Muslims to be making this contribution so that our education sector should be improved,” he said.

He said the money Muslims will be contributing would be used to renovate its schools that are in dilapidated state such as Zomba Islamic High School which was constructed in 1984 but up to now has never been maintained.

 This development with no any scepticism will bring the spirit of ownership hence making Muslims to have responsibility of taking care of the facilities.

Muslims will be making their contribution through district committees of the umbrella body.

Sheikh Muhammad said that apart from using the funds in refurbishing schools, the association is planning to build some secondary schools across the country.

 ”As an association we really have a keen interest to develop the education sector,” he said.

 He therefore urged Muslims to support the initiative describing it as of great significance to the Muslim community.

Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi in Zomba


  1. Our Ammer has appealed. The Appeal is for good cause. I suggest let Ammer give muslim community the authentic audited financila statement so that the ummah will trust them with sadaq

  2. MAM should first of all put measures that will ensure transparency and accountability before asking Muslims to donate money to because what is observed on the ground is that, they are failing to renovate or develop the schools not due to lack of money but the tendence of wanting to milk the organisations for personal gains. For instance Rev Dr Billy Gama, a presidential advisor on religous affairs gave one of the institutions K50,000.00 on 17th February, 2012 and upon receiving people thought it would be used to some activities of the but as it is now, the money was shared by the top brass.How then can the Muslim commmunity trust the association that the contributed money will really be used for the intended project?

  3. CHIWANGULINDA! And i quote you" For instance Rev Dr Billy Gama,a presidential advisor on religious affairs gave K50,OOO on 17th february,2012 and upon receiving people thought it would be used to some activities,the money was shared by the top brass"

    Now chechiwangulinda as per your name, tell the muslim community how you personally saw the mam top brass share the said monies

    Let us be reminded by this ayaat in surat ALHUJARAT,V -6 'O you who believe! if a fasiq (liar-evil person)comes to you with any news,verify it,lest you should harm people in ignorance,and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done

    CHECHIWANGULINDA as per your name, we should also be reminded of this same surat,ALHUJARAT V- 12 ' O you who believe!Avoid suspicions; indeed some suspicions are sins.Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother?

  4. I fill ashamed and outraged to read in Nyasatimes today that Zomba Islamic School officials quarrel over Bingus's Money.

    MK50,000.00 was donated after appeal was made by Chairman of MAM.

    This is total unacceptable and ridicules.

    Why do we have to stand so low?

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