MAM Asks MP Henry Musa to Apologise for Allegedly Attacking Islam

Henry Musa: Asked to apologise

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has asked Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu East Constituency Honourable Henry Musa to apologise for allegedly ‘attacking Islam’.

Malawi Muslims Official Website has learnt that on September 1, during the installation ceremony of Senior Chief Kadewere in Chiradzulu, Musa pronounced one of the Quran proportions Laa ilaaha illallah (meaning there no god worthy of worship but Allah alone), as ‘lahii lahii laa laa’, which MAM describes as “disdainfulness and desecration against Islam”.

“Incorrect pronunciation of such portions yet exacerbates the situation and tantamount to attack on Islam. It should be noted on the other hand that any attack on Islam is an attack on its followers who are at the same time bonafide Malawian Muslim citizens.  It follows that Muslims will not forever be akimbo in passiveness and given all their freedom of worship while their religion is being attacked.

“We, in this regard, consider as an attack on Islam what the Hon. Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu East Constituency Mr. Henry Musa did… With due respect and out of his conscience, we would like to ask the Hon MP to honourably apologise to the Muslim community on the mistake he committed,” reads part of the press statement released by MAM made available to this website.

MAM further believes that honourable Musa, either did not consult the learned Muslims of the correct pronunciation of the words out of his disregard for their status or that he deliberately twisted them to attract disgust for the religion.

“The Hon. MP could have easily used the Yao language which he himself and the majority of the gathering at the venue comprehend. This statement therefore should serve as a warning to all those who mock and jeer at the only true religion of Islam. Those who do not know should use their own senses to consult those with knowledge about Islam before they do anything else,” says the statement signed by MAM Secretary General Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar.

Honourable Musa was not available for a comment.


  1. This is an over-reaction. This man's attempt was very likely just a silly one without an intention to offend. Approaching him amicably and telling him how he erred could have a better effect than an ultimatum that just deepens tension and hostility.

  2. masha Allah for being vigilant against those who castigate, scorn or detest and hate islam. however, i find the press statement overacting. i don't think the honourable MP meant to castigate islam by incorrectly pronouncing the word. that can happen to anyone even a muslim who is in the process of learning. as most of the politicians want to appease the electorate, they tend to assimilate many things including language and other cultural or religious notes…… i think the best way to address this issue is just to call honorable MP and teach him the true pronounciation and the meaning of what he tried to say. infact, this could be a platform to introduce and invite him to Islam.

  3. Ilyas
    I agree with Chembuje and Reasonable Muslim. This is an over reaction from MAM. Mind you this guy is not a Muslim and actually thought he was saying the correct thing. I am surprised by MAM officials, you overeact on wrong things, how come you don't react or give a press statement when Muslims are sidelined by government in many projects. Za zii.

  4. I concur with the view that this is an over-reaction from MAM… many were not even aware of this incident and by making it so public you have promoted and publicized this matter.
    The public demand for an apology in this manner totally counter productive…
    It is like telling someone: Look at that scantly dressed lady… rather than making them look away from that direction…
    Always remember:
    Darkness cannot drive out Darkness- Only Light can do that;
    Hate cannot drive out Hate… Only Love can do that

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