MAM Chair Fires Ajawa, Chabulika from Executive Committee

    Chabulika: I don't know anything

    It is now official. Muslim Association of Malawi  has expelled Biton Ajawa, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika due to breach of the associations’ constitution.

    The announcement has been made through a statement released on Monday September 19, 2011 which has been signed by its chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad.

    The two who have been fired together with Alhajj Twalik Asedi were appointed executive members of the Muslim mother body three months ago.

    This development comes weeks after Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika who is the national coordinator of the Islamic Information Bureau and Biton Ajawa who is the chairperson of the National Zakaat Fund (NAZAF) are reportedly to have walked out of a meeting MAM executive members had with Democratic Progressive Party endorsed 2014 presidential candidate Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, where after the meeting the members were given 50,000 Malawi kwacha.

    “The resolution of expelling the members has been made following their misbehavior culminating in contravention of the constitution of the body,” reads part of the statement.

    The expulsion of Ajawa from the Muslim mother body seemingly may affect the activities of the   NAZAF since Sheikh Muhammad deputises the Lilongwe based business magnate.

    It is yet to be seen whether the two will still be working together at NAZAF.

    MAM appointed several members soon after Sheikh Muhammad was elected as its chairman in a landslide victory in April this year.

    Ajawa who is also Mangochi Business Association chairman is reportedly to have financially supported Sheikh Muhammad in his bid to take the leadership mantle at the association.

    Biton Ajawa: Fired

    But some reports strongly  suggests that the two have fallen out due to the influence of different political ideologies with Ajawa being United Democratic Front (UDF) executive member.

    However, Chabulika has expressed ignorance on the matter saying he has not received formal communication from MAM.

    “I do not know anything about that. I am just hearing from other people that I have been fired but I don’t know why because I have not been communicated by the chairman or the Secretary General,” he said.


    1. if this is true then its very sad and totally unhonarable.This gives lots of questions and doubtful if whether the entire committee will work professional or not.It could have been better for the chair to call the concerned people and asked them why they did that first before coming up with the final decision of firing them.This only shows that there's no tolerance,and remember this is not a political party whereby you fire somebody because mukusemphana maganizo or he/she is creating a parallel structure.Please the chair aitaneni ana ana anu and discuss palibe nkhani apa.How many people are you going to fire?

    2. Sheikh Idrssah, please slow down..this is not the way we solve problems…for how long have u been on that position? remember its Allah who gave you that position and we just confirmed, so try to Save Allah and not the kufaars..the firing of these two confirms that you want to work only with the Yes Bwanaz and not those who will properly advise out before its too let you might end up losing pple who are well experienced to fuel your second term in office..Honestly we the Muslim community are not happy with what happened, you were the one to advise the other members not to do evil but nevertheless you disregarded the month of ramadhaan and chose to be bribed ask yourself what kind of a leader you are before we ask you..infact I see no evil commited by the two as they were staying away from what Allah prohibited you want to tell me that of all the years you stayed studying in Saud you dint recite a single ayah (Verse)prohibiting bribes? No no no sheikh Idrissah please dont let us down this way!!! as for Ajawa and Chabulika well done we need Muslim leaders like you Baraakallah fiikum!!!

    3. As salaam alaikum,
      Please school me of what I want to be hearing. It won't be what I hear cogent truth because they are all my brothers through the Hadeeth. If the al hadeeth do not give its meaning to the followers of Islam, then am lost to the sheikhs' credibility. I like Sheikh Chabulika, Bro Ajawa, Sh Muhammad, Al Hajj Ased as you do.

      If it is true kuti you have fired them in MAM executive ziyambitsa miseche ndi udani pakati pa asilamutu izi!

      Ijtima ili pa 28 October, we want to see you as together as one on that day. Izi zisafike pa our party, please! For the sake of fearing Allah, what was done if it was done mosaopa Allah, should end and reconcile your relations please.

      Am afraid this will not take us any further.

      Asilamutu ambiri akuchita nanu manyazitu ndi zimenezi.

    4. As-salaam alaikum Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad,
      Sheikh bwanji kodi? Mwamva kuti a chairperson a NAZAF Brother Ajawa apita kukatenga injunction? Sheikh ambiri a ife sitilora kuti in just 147 days in office you start firing your friends, believe you me, the way we used to elect you to that position is un Islamic, we could hear from Council of Ulamaa of who could be there. We can use the same un Islamic to take you out of it.
      Sheikh Idrissa udindowu mwatengerapo mwayi oloza amzanu kuti awa ndi a UDF, ifenso tinkadziwa kuti inu ndi a DPP koma tinazitenga kuti ndizachipembedzo sitinakulozeni chala.
      Zikanakhala zimenezo ifetu sitikanakuikani inu pa mpando chifukwa Ajawa mukumuloza chala leroyu ndi amene wakupangirani campaign using his efforts and financial resources. Do you want to be bringing shame to us Muslims till when?
      Ukakwera mu mtengo usatukwane wapansi. Ife sitilora.
      Zonse mumapanga mmawailesi zija tikudziwa kuti ndi ndalama za Ajawa, apo bii, Ajawa mum’bwezere ndalama zake ndi mphamvu zake.
      Sheikh Chabulika and Brother Ajawa bravo to you guys, criticise where criticisms are due for the good of Islam and allow not corruption. Mwapereka chitsanzo chabwino kwambiri we are behind you. You are not fired yet.

    5. Why should one be fired from MAM because of belonging to different party? Do you want MAM to be a DPP wing? Do you want all muslims to join DPP? Respected Sh Iddrissa, your losing qualities of a muslim. Remember governments come and go but a muslim will remain a muslim.I am bitter to learn about the sacking of a renowned Sheikh Chabulika.I think u are there to earn money not to uplift the deen.Remember, Allah is ever mindful with all what u do. Koma mukudziwa kuti mudzafunsidwa kuti udindo wanu munaugwiritsa ntchito bwanji?



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