MAM Changes Letterhead, Logo

    Part of the new MAM Letterhead

    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has changed its letterhead and logo with effect from July 5, 2012. This is according to a statement released by the Muslims’ mother body made available to Malawi Muslims Official Website.

    MAM says the decision has been reached following the behaviour of some ‘unscrupulous’ people who have been collecting funds from donors using MAM’s old letterhead.

    “Such behaviour that initially emanated convincing to the donors but later discovered as bogusness, has tarnished the image of the association and drawn it into unnecessary mistrust,” reads part of the statement.

    Meanwhile, the association says it has already caught some culprits who are answering several charges including theft in court of law.

    “Currently, there is a case in court of law on some people who have been so far identified going round in the city of Blantyre collecting money on the pretext of a right course by using forged MAM letterheads and signatures of the MAM officials,” continues the statement which is signed by Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad, National Chairman for the association.

    MAM therefore advises donors and all Muslims in the country to disregard any letter on the old letterhead purported to belong to MAM with effect from July 5, 2012.


    1. So will the "unscrupulous" people be
      precluded from designing their fake new logo and carry on from where the left?
      Really? The reasons for the change of the insignia sounds a bit lame to me. I don’t
      think that duping donor can cause mistrust in MAM more so when that fleecing is
      done not by MAM but rather by some crooked individuals. If anything, it
      is failure to account for the little that we really get from donors that causes
      mistrust. Are we ever accountable to donors and the Umma alike?

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