MAM Distributes Qur’ans to Evangelical Association Members


Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) says Muslims and Christians in the country will continue to peacefully coexist as the members of Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) received Qur’ans to read.

This was revealed on Monday during a press briefing organised by Public Affairs Committee (PAC), MAM and EAM in Blantyre to inform the nation on the billboard saga.

Speaking during the press briefing, MAM Spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika said the billboard issue erected by Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) at Maselema in Blantyre was resolved and some Christians were given the Qur’ans to read.

“The message on the billboard was not meant to undermine any religion. We have come here to enhance peace and co-existence that is why you will see the billboard has been revised,”

“Today (Monday) we have managed to give our colleagues from EAM Qurans this is what we want and many people are coming to the office of Islamic Information Bureau to collect their Qurans,” Chabulika said.

He also thanked Muslims in the country for maintaining peace during the time of billboard saga.

“We also thank the Muslim members for observing peace,” he said.

The billboard erected by IIB was aimed at urging people to read the holy Qur’an. The billboard was removed by Blantyre City Council (BCC) after query raised by EAM that it had a message that could spark religious conflict.

The development ignited controversy between Muslims and Christians that saw the billboard restored with a slightly altered message.