MAM Geared to Help Reduce Unemployment Rate in Malawi

Today Muslims in the country are able to work in different professions comparing to some years ago which means that Muslims are also educated and this has detached the mentality of many people that Muslims are most illiterate.

Currently we have many Muslims working as lawyers, doctors, university lectures, journalists and engineers in different organisations. However, though these people are working in these organizations, they still more face a lot of challenges both personally and professionally.

Some of them are like lack of fund and other resources so that they can be independent by introducing their own firms to practice their professionals and create jobs to other Malawians.

But this problem can be reduced if other Islamic organizations and individuals come and support them as Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) is planning to do.

MAM through the leadership of Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad has revealed plans that shortly they will start to approach people of different skills and professions to form different associations depending on their profession and regardless of their companies, organization they are working with.

MAM Secretary General Twaibu Lawe disclosed this to Malawi Muslims Website in an exclusive interview saying the delegates from Saudi Arabia who attended this year’s Ijitima had some meetings with MAM in order to hear some of the challenges Muslims in the country are facing especially in their working places.

“We had visitors from Saudi Arabia who attended this year’s Ijitma and from there we had series of meetings with them and one of the very important issue we discussed with them it’s about challenges Muslims in the country are facing especially in their working places. We agreed with them that we should tell these skilled Muslims to come together and form associations like the one we have which is called Muslim Teachers Associations (MUTA) and we want to have more associations like this one for Muslim Lawyers, Engineers and even the doctors,” said Lawe.

Lawe believes that once these groupings have been formed, they will transform the lives of many Muslims in the country.

“After forming these associations, we will visit them to share us their views and what resources they want to improve their lives and professions and we will assist them so that other Muslims should also benefit from the same initiative hence these associations can join together to form a new firm whereby they can employ others,” said MAM Secretary General.

This can be a very good development not only to the Muslim community but to everyone in the country since a lot of firms will be established which will reduce unemployment among the youth.

Lawe said: “As you that MAM is working hand in hand with the government in developmental activities of this country, this is one way of developing the country and am sure that this program will help a lot once it get started soon.”

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