MAM Hopes for Kuwait Funding

Malawi’s Muslim mother body Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has described the recent visit of its authority to Kuwait as beneficial saying it will help to strengthen the relationship which exists among Muslims living in the two countries apart from getting funds from the Arab nation.

Secretary General of the association Dr Salmin Omar recently went to Kuwait alongside MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrisa Muhammad aiming at soliciting funds that will enable the association to undertake several development projects.

“We thought that just staying in the office will not help us but to go out and meet people whom we think can assist us in different projects hence our trip to Kuwait.

“We are looking for funds to renovate Zomba High School, which is in a dilapidated condition. We also wish to establish several orphanage centres, build mosques in other areas like central and northern region, maternity clinics among others.”

“And, insha-Allah we may start getting the funding from next year because a lot of organisations have promised to support us,” said the Secretary General.

The association has been facing economic constraints for years since it has no proper means of sourcing funds which has been hampering its operations and projects.

Last year the association came up with an initiative of urging Muslims to be contributing monthly so that the money should be used in several projects such as establishing the first ever Islamic university.

But as of now that still remain in the doldrums with no prosper.

In a snap survey conducted by Malawi Muslim websites indicates that Most Muslims are willing to contribute towards the cause citing that they do not understand why they do not have facilities such as University and hospitals.

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