MAM Must Discipline The 2012 Ijtimah Committee On Misappropriation of Funds


    There is a rampant tendency in many Muslim societies that the voice of truth should always face a fierce and severe opposition. I remember very well the question that was posed by one prominent Muslim in the country who wondered  in a response to the open latter which was addressed to the ijtimah committee through Malawi Muslims Website a couple of weeks before the event, he said“…..mpaka kulemba open letter…abale…?”showing his dissatisfaction with the critiques launched against the way ijtimah funds are utilized.

    Reflecting from the adage which goes ‘Galu wamkota sakandila pachabe’ we can systematically argue that what many Muslim youth and best wishers of Islam in Malawi foresee about the ijtimah has now finally proved their assertions true. What other people believed to be as castigation against those organizing the ijtimah, is no longer in that nature now, because reports have it that the ijtimah organizing committee has misappropriated funds.

    Now, the simple question is; what should be done?

    Before I try to answer the posed question, let me remind readers who usually visit this website that ,if you recall very well I did indicate in one of my articles that the large amount of the total ijtimah budget goes into the pockets of the organizing committee.

    According to what I have learnt from reports; quarter (and I believe that more than quarter) of the 2012 ijtimah budget was pocketed as allowances of the committee members and others who did not even give a hand on this occasion. If it is true, then it’s a very sad and a disgraceful development. Due to such kind of mismanagement of funds, many Muslims in Malawi suggested that this event though it’s a historical program, should face a natural death.

    Those who insist to carry on organizing this function claimed that the event is Islamic and it is organized based on Islamic principles. Following the same argument, now we can answer this question, what should be done, and what is the way forward?

    I should first congratulate MAM for dissolving the entire committee. However, that should not be the end of it all. There is a paramount need to institute the independent investigation committee which should be comprised of the people who have no connections with the accused committee or any relationship with the accused people for better results of the investigations.

    If need be, even non-Muslim experts can be hired to systematically investigate the matter. Once the truth has been established, and if it shows that the committee indeed mismanaged the resources, those involved should be brought into the book and accounted for their evil deed which is a sin before Allah. As a matter of fact, and without casting any doubt, the Islamic constitution which is the Qur’an provides the best answer to this question.

    The Qur’an stipulates in Surah Al-Mā’idah verses 38-39 “[As for, the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent punishment from AllahAnd Allah is exalted in Might and Wise]”. “[But whoever repents after his wrongdoing and reforms, indeed, Allah will turn to him in forgiveness. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful]”. 

    Repentance in this context means the culprits should give back what does not belong to him, in plain words; the stolen items.  

    Concurring with the Qur’anic decree on this matter, the constitution of Malawi also prohibits mismanagement of organization funds, and that the perpetrator should be punished. Thus, there is no safe haven for the thieves under any law.

    Many people ignorantly believe that a Muslim cannot be charged when he or she misuses the resources. This myth which has been evolving in our society for decades. But now Muslims should understand that it is not true and it is a sin to have such evil belief. Islam and poor Muslims in the country have been victimized by as a result of such myth.

    I believe that if the perpetrators are punished accordingly, this will send a tone of warning to others, hence trim down chances of stealing organization funds. Let’s be aware and careful that every Amanah (trust) is accountable before Allah in the day of Qiyammah.

    By Sherrif Abu-Bakar Kaisi


    1. That is the case in many oganisations nowdays,pple there are using the name of Allah to fill there pocket,disgusting,shameful can twist everything to back yourself up,but remember there is no twist on the day of judjment.mwangosunga ndevu ngati zeni zeni,shame on you.

      • @ Abdullah , pepani achimwene.Palibe wasunga ndevu mwaife amene tinali mu committee ya ijitima koma dzimimba ndiye ndizadzikulu chifukwa chadyela lathu.

    2. The problem is that some of these people are addicted to stealing. Adyela ma organisations wa and they steal want to rip where they did knot sow. Koma napokapa ,let the ACB carryout their duties apo bii. Please can malawi muslims publish the list of names of the disbanded committee

    3. Muchedwa nawo anthu awa,No more Ijtma,Tizingopanga maziyara ngati kale basi.We gonna campain full force so that donors should find some thing else no these type of Ijtmas.Its better to pay school fees for the poor,buy medicne in hospitals ie Bilal in Cz,Hajira Bangwe,Makanjira Mangochi etc.Or buy fertilizer and distribute to poor farmers.Or that money could help the converts(olowa kumene Chisilamuwa).The Chairman for MAM meet with counterpart QMAM chair,discuss way forward,hence abolish future IJtma.If you want more inputs invite us we are ready for tangible and steady ideas for the the reasons raised and more.

    4. "Malawi Council of Churches Communique on Contemporary Issues" inu mukuba ndalama za silamu read this article on Nyasa Times and see what christians contribute on issues of national interest, osati kuba ayi .cant you do something even just close to this?shame on you MBAVA Allah will punish you


    6. As a coopted member of the committee in question I greatly regret the tendency shown by the writer of the article. I wish the writer had a thorough investigation and respect those that had to give their time and even resources for the cause. I can't believe my sleepless nights I had as a committee member should earn the insults. Anyway, I was there for the sake of Allah and Allah alone shall reward not any mortal!

      • Mr concern, it seem that you did not understand what the writer said.if you read properly and understand you will find that he is even to certain extend backing the accused can find this when you look at his proposal of establishing the investigation body to find out the truth of the matter. To investigate does not mean that the alleged group is guilty but rather to establish the truth that Allah want for his people so that the accused should not be punished unless is found guilty.or should we say that you wanted MAM to be idle on the case like this?you said you had sleepless nights during the event, then why you conceal your name mesa nzanuyu watchula dzina lake?be objective not just crush ideas for the sake of crushing!

      • Bambo che concerned member ! The guilty are afraid, as for those sleepless nights the Almighty ALLAH will reward you but if you took part in siphoning what was mearnt for ijitma then you better spend another sleepless nights because this time law will catch up with you. One simple question the concerned member, why did people almost starve when infact you had even collected more than what you had budgeted for ? Bwinotu bwino ,if you are clean that should not worry you but if you took part in kusolola in form of those heavy allowances as we are told then there is a reason to worry

      • Concerned member ! I am still not convinced . The author of this story is Sherrif Abubakar Kaisi and what is your name ?

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