MAM Pledges 100 Mosques in 2016


    The chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah, assures Muslims in Malawi  that they should expect more developments, as the association is planning to construct over 100 Masjid in the country by the end of 2016.

    The association’s chairman, made the remarks during the official opening of newly constructed Area 24 Masjid in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi.

    “Let me echo that, Muslim Association of Malawi is doing all it can in registering different developments in the country, notably construction of Masjids, Health facilities and school block among the many lined up developmental projects. As an asdociation we were on testing stage. Our donors gave us 20 Masjid as pilot projects and we have met their expectations and are convinced,” said MAM Chairman

    A number of prospective donors in countries like Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait and Saud Arabia are satisfied with how the association is managing the project’s resources, The chairman is quoted to have said.


    Area 24 Mosque which was funded by Dubai Charity Association and initiated by Muslim Association of Malawi

    “On March 4 2016 I left for Dubai, among other things to report on how  we have utilized the funds they gave us, and today are proud to announce that the year 2016 will see construction of over 100 Masjids across Malawi,”  said Sheikh Idrissah amid cheers.


    Sheikh Idrissah: Construction of the clinic should be started within four days

    He said on the recent trip to Dubai, he has come with funds to construct 5 Masjids as a ground breaking of the upcoming 100 Masjids including funds to construct health facilities in the country.

    MAM Treasurer General, Bujadi Kalera was given a task to embark on construction of a clinic, within the premises of the newly constructed area 24 Masjid.

    “ You have all along asking for a clinic and now I can assure you that the funds are available, make the necessary arrangements to start the construction of the clinic,” commanded Sheikh IdrIssah Muhammad.

    As a leader of Muslims in Malawi, he called on Muslims to unite as a way of enhancing Islamic work in Malawi.

    “MAM has arranged a wider range of developments in the country, but this can only be realized through unity of purposes,” said the Chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi.

    This is the second Mosque constructed by MAM in the Central region after officially opening the other one at Lizulu in Ntheu October last year.


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