MAM renovates Zomba Islamic High School

As one way of improving the Islamic institutions in the country, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is renovating Zomba Islamic High School which has been in a bad state for a long time.

In March 2012, MAM closed the Institution due to its dilapidated condition and it was then reopened though there was no suitable learning environment.

it will be in a good state very shortly-Lawe

In a recent tour by MAM Acting Secretary General Al-Hajj Twaibu Lawe said there is a good progress towards the renovation and he is optimistic that everything will go on very well.

“Doors have been already fixed and currently the carpenter is about to finish fixing windows and maintaining the ceiling and am sure that very shortly this institution will be in a good state,” said Lawe upon visiting the institution.

Lawe said their organization had no funds to develop the institution and they were trying to consult the donors to provide the funds.

“It has taken so long indeed to start renovating this institution just because we were trying to source funds from our donors and now the renovation is underway and over 5 million kwacha is expected to be spent on this project,” he said.

He further asked the students at the institution to be good citizens of the country by taking of the infrastructure and asked them to avoid demonstrations on nonsense issues.

 “Let me ask the students from this institution and everywhere that they should take care of this facility as well any other facilities so that they may last longer and whenever they have disagreements with the management, I think it can be good for them to follow the right procedures rather than conducting demonstrations and demolishing the school property. This won’t help us anymore,” he lamented.

The institution had a lot of problems in all angles starting from the classroom had broken doors and windows, the hostels with leaking roof without mattress on the beds as well as the library is very poor with empty bookshelves.

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