MAM Urges Media Practitioners in Malawi to Refer any Matter Concerning Islam to Majilis Ulama

    Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad: Signed the statement
    Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad: Signed the statement

    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has urged journalists in the country to consult the newly elected executive committee for Muslim theologians, also referred to as Majilis Ulama on any issues relating to Islam.

    MAM said this in a press statement made available to Malawi Muslims Official Website.

    According to the statement, MAM will not tolerate publishing or broadcasting of any distorted information about Islam sourced from anyone not recognized by the council.

    “It is therefore against the above fact that the Association is pleased to advise the media fraternity in particular and the rest of all interested people in general to refer and / or consult the Council for the correct information on matters pertaining to the religion of Islam,” reads part of the statement signed by MAM’s National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad.

    Majilis Ulama is an organ of Muslim Association of Malawi which is responsible for decision making and rulings on matters do with the religion of Islam. The association is comprised of well learned sheikhs and make decisions under the guidance of the Grand Mufti (Muslim Juris-consult) Abbas Qassim.

    On January 1, 2013, the council elected new executive which saw Sheikh Mussa Matola being elected as the new chairman.

    However, MAM says the change in the positions of the Council does not affect the office of the Grand Muft Abbas Qassim.

    “Thus, some notable senior sheikhs have been recruited to render services and assistance to the office of the Grand Mufti and they include: Sheikh Muhammad Uthman, Sheikh Qassim Abu Bakar, Sheikh Jaliya Deya, and Sheikh Muhammad Silika. Among its duties, the office of the Grand Mufti will be responsible for issuing fataawaa (formal legal opinions) to clarify matters concerning the religion of Islam,” says the statement.

    Muslims in the country have been worried with the conduct of some media practitioners who just source information about Islam from any person provided he is in a robe or a Topi. This people have ended up giving misleading information, as some of them are not qualified to give fataawaa (formal legal opinions).

    Islam is described as too sensitive religion; therefore, it requires one who is well educated in Shariah (Islamic law) to clarify matters pertaining to the religion.

    This is why sheikhs in the country decided to form the council in order to give room for those who want some clarifications on certain issues concerning Islam.


    1. There is a need for MAM to clarify on the hierarchy of MAM and the Majlis Council. Especially on the issue of Public Relations (spokesperson). Since this council is under the umbrella of MAM, does it mean that queries will have to be channelled to MAM public relations department and they will be the ones to take the query to the council or the council has its own PR department? Such that people will deal directly with the council?
      These are some of the issues that affect the running of most Islamic Organisations because they do not have a formal way of handling matters especially how to interact with the media. What we should not forget is that, the media can build but at the same time, they can destroy if we don't have people qualified to handle the media. This is a more reason why there is a need to employ qualified people in some sensitive departments of our organisations. That will do us good and of course will do our religion-ISLAM good.
      May Allah increase all of us in Islamic knowledge.

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