MAM’s Elections day still not known


    As the year 2016 has started, the Malawi Muslim Community is still in suspense as people do not know when MAM is going to conduct its elections – MAM Acting Secretary General Al-Haj Twaibu Lawe admitted.

    We'll come out on public later on

    We’ll come out on public later on-Lawe

    According to reports reaching Malawi Muslims Official Website indicate that currently MAM is preparing the Calendar of Events as well as the budget which will be presented to the well wishers

    “We supposed to start these preparations in November or December last year but we failed to do that just because of other circumstance but now I can tell you that we have just started since we are trying to prepare the budget and we were also trying to find out the approaches for these elections from the district, regional as well as the national levels, but the date is not yet known,” said Lawe.

    Lawe also said very shortly they will conduct a meeting with the Executive Committee where all the nominees will be present.

    “We are expected to conduct Executive Committee meeting where we expect to look into different issues and to know all the nominees then we will submit their names to MAM Board of Trustees for verifications then we will come out to tell the public on some of the methods which will be used during this election as well as the date,” said Lawe.

    The important message to those who will be responsible to run these elections is that this is the right time and may be the only time that they have to plan and innovate on their efforts to run these elections in advance as the dates rush and it is more important than ever to be thinking critically about how they can put themselves in the best position to serve the voters for the 2016 MAM elections. We wish election officials nothing but success in their efforts to serve voters professionally in 2016 and beyond.

    Muslim Association of Malawi previously conducted its elections in 2011 and Sheikh Muhammad Iddrissah was elected as the MAM’s National Chairman.