Mileme Muslim Community in Phalombe Receives a New Masjid from MAM After 33 Years of Waiting


    Muslims of Mileme Village T/A Jenala in Phalombe District, can now afford a smile after their 33-year-old dream of looking for a good praying house finally came to reality.

    Since 1983, Muslims in the area have been struggling to offer prayers due to lack of a good masjid. Now, it is a history as the new leadership of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) heard their cry and did what it could to make their dream true by giving them a new masjid.

    The construction of masjid started in December 2016 and the official handover ceremony took place on Sunday, May 14, 2017.

    “We are very excited and we can’t believe that finally our dream has been realised. People of this community has been looking for a good masjid for over thirty years now. So, many thanks to the national chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad for hearing our cry,” said Alhajj Group Village Headman Chimombo.

    Alhajj Chimombo however, asked MAM to consider constructing a madrassah block and a house for imaam.

    Alhajj Group Village Headman Chimombo

    He said: “This will help our children a lot as there is no any Islamic school nearby. I would also love if MAM could consider other remaining 7 masajid which lies within the zone of Chimombo because they are also facing same challenges we were facing here.”

    Speaking at the event Regional Chairman for South, brother Abdul-hackim Ganda who represented the MAM National Chairman said it is the wish of the Muslims’ leader to see every Muslim in Malawi having access to a good praying house.

    “This is why every day, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is trying his best to find and discuss with different donors and partners to make sure his wish is fulfilled,” he said.

    MAM Regional Chairman for South Abdulhackim Ganda

    He therefore said all Muslims in the country should rally behind the national chairman and give him the total needed support.

    Brother Ganda also asked the Mileme community to take a responsibility of caring of the masjid and not only waiting for MAM to do everything for them.

    The masjid has been constructed with an estimated cost of MK12million (US$16,000).


    1. MaashaaAllah.
      Who ever takes over from Idrissa Muhammad (after expiry of his full term), has his work cut out!
      The man has done a highly commendable job, reviving MAM from its decades long developmental slumber.

      To Aspiring (MAM Chair) candidates:
      PLEASE Watch & Learn!
      A young local chap (rather than some Arab expatriate) has done it with flying colours! You’ll have no excuses come your term!!!


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