Minister Dates Machinjiri Muslims

    Bande: Promised to help Muslims
    Bande: Promised to help Muslims

    As the official campaign period coming to an end, Minister of Mining John Bande who is also shadow Member of Parliament for Blantyre City East Constituency on Wednesday made a surprise visit at area 9 masjid in Machinjiri.

    The Minister said he was in the area just to interact with Muslims.

    “I came here just to interact with the members of Muslim faith. I can say it has been a fruitful trip because I had a chance to hear problems that they are facing at this masjid. The chairman of the masjid committee mentioned few things that need our attention and I have promised them that I will do something,” he said.

    Among the things which the committee asked are the iron sheets and the cement for toilets for the prayer house, of which the minister promised to do “something.”

    “I will contribute about five bags of cement which may be delivered on Thursday. As for the iron sheets, we shall wait until the toilet is finished. I have done this because I know this is a sacred house of Allah therefore it needs to be looked after.”

     Apart from the cement and iron sheets, the Minister also promised to assist in the bringing in of electricity and the masjid fence.

     He only cautioned that when the electricity comes, the community should not wait for someone to buy units for them but each and every one must contribute in order to sustain and benefit in the end.

    The Mining Minister also gave MK100, 000 cash which was shared among the Muslims who came for Maghrib Prayer.