Mudeso Meet ABM’s Requirements, First Arabic Sign Language Lessons Begin in Blantyre



    Blind and deaf Muslim children in Malawi have now something to smile about after their mother body, Muslim Deaf society of Malawi (MUDESO) on Tuesday, March 8th 2011, launched an Arabic Sign school at Limbe primary school in Blantyre.

    According to the organisation’s chairperson, Ahmed Masha said the school, first in the history of Malawi Muslim community has already received over 60 students with class session running from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.

    “As an organization, we have realized how the Muslim children especially the Blind and deaf have been denied Islamic knowledge since they can not read the Quran on their own; we believe through this effort we are going to build strong Muslim ummah [society] in years to come,” Masha told Radio Islam Online.

    During Annual Board Meeting (ABM) last year, the Managing Director of HBI Media Services Mr Rodrick Mulonya another board member cautioned the initiators to desist from the Malawian syndrome of wishing leadership positions and not willing to meet the ambitions of the positions.

    “This has come as a trend in Malawi that we want to be seen on top of the organogram but don’t want to deliver as required by the positions”. Mulonya said.

    “This organization can perform wonders by creating employments for those with impairments” he continued.

    However, with the beggining of the school, it  just shows that the organisation has met the ABM’s requirents.

    MUDESO is a non-governmental Islamic organisation which was formed to promote trainings to the Blind and Deaf in different disciplines.

    It currently has three special needs volunteers, Hassan zinyoza Esther Hara Ahmad Masha respectively teaching brail and sign language, according to the chairperson Masha.


    1. I am faling to choose the exact words to pass my deep feelings of gratefulness to what Ahmad Masha and his colleagues have achieved. Just look at the enrolment, it tells a story that every Muslim should read and realize how unfair we have been to these fellow deaf sisters and brothers of ours over the years. I urge our several Muslim organizations in Malawi to put their hands together with MUDESO and play their part in supportig this noble cause. Its not easy to put resources together for a deaf school and a secular one, now one can just imagine how much it has taken them to come up with an Arabic Sign Language?

      May Allah (SWT) grant you with all the needs of this school inshaAllah.

    2. What MUDESO needs is support from all of us so that more blind people not only muslims can access its services. It is only a knowledgeable mind that can worship and contribute to Islamic and national development. Bravo Masho and your coleagues!!!!!

      May Allah reward you abundantly.

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