MUFTO sister’s camp preps are at advanced stage


    As one way of sharing and attaining education in Islam, Muslim Female Teachers Organization (MUFTO) has this year organized a three day sisters camp to be held at Maryam Girls Teachers Training College (MGTTC) in Mangochi December this year.

    Speaking to Malawi Muslims Website Zakiya Hafswah Noordin MUFTO Chairlday said the camp will start from 23-26 December which they expect to bring together about 400 women.

    “Preparations are going on very well Allahamdulillah, so far ticket selling is expected to start early October at k1000 in different districts and we are asking more youthful women to come to this year’s camp,” Hafswah Noordin said.

    She also asked other Islamic Organizations to come and sponsor this camp since the participants will learn more things related to Islam like Quran and the Jins, Muslim female hygiene on the way to tertiary education, practicals on bathing and shrouding the dead (Al-ghusul mayyit), practicals on Swalat and many more topics.

    “Currently the organizations which we approached to sponsor the event have not yet given any response but we are waiting for the positive response from them In Shaa Allah,” she said.

    The Chairlady further said the tickets will be available in different places like, Mulanje Mission primary school, Limbe Islamic Information Bureau in Blantyre, Njuli Islamic Centre in Chiradzulu, Ntaja Islamic Bereau in Machinga, Balaka Information bureau in Balaka, Lilongwe Islamic bureau in Lilongwe, ZODEC and Mehboob memorial centre in Mangochi.

    “Those who will not be able to reach these areas to get the ticket, they can also buy their tickets via TNM Mpamba and Airtel money on 0884920225 and 0994262496 respectively and we will send them the ticket number which they will show the arrival day and we will give them the real tickets.

    This year’s sister’s camp will be conducted under the theme; “Iman and Education, Our Treasure, Our Pride”

    MUFTO was established in 2013 by the Muslim female teachers which aims at carrier talk to the muslim sisters, conducting women dawah and other Islamic functions, in 2015 it also organized sister’s camp at the same institution under the Theme “Educated Muslimah, Strength to Islam” and over 300 women attended from across the country.


    1. Excellent, our hope of Iman. And,the leadership should also consider of staging a District level Camps owing to fact that not all sisters will be able to attend this very important gathering due to lack of transportation.

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