Musford Urges Muslims to Take Part In Forthcoming 2014 Tripartite Elections

Kawinga: His organisation geared for democracy and peace
Kawinga: His organisation geared for democracy and peace

Muslim Forum for Democracy and Peace (Musford) has urged Muslims in the country to take part in the coming tripartite elections in 2014.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Official Website Musford Director, Alhaj Sheikh Jafar Kawinga says it is time for Muslims to aim high by contesting in various public positions.

“We want to see councilors, more MPs and even another president from Muslim community.  Right now, we can’t say that there are no educated Muslims. We have many of them who have graduated from various fields. Time has now come where we have more Muslim representation in government but this cannot just come on silver platter – you need to fight for it,” he said.

Sheikh Kawinga has however advised Muslims in the country not to stick to one political party saying that it will put them in an awkward position.

This was in reference to the current situation where most of the Muslims in the country belong to United Democratic Party (UDF), in support of its founder and former national chairman Dr Bakili Muluzi who is also a Muslim.

“All six million Muslims cannot be put in one basket. What will happen if that party collapses, or face problems as it is the case now? Our future will be doomed. So, it is high time we join different parties and compete in different positions in those parties for the betterment of our community as well as the country,” said Kawinga.

The Director also revealed that his organization has lined up a lot of activities as the country is fast approaching the general elections.  He said his organization will meet religious leaders from different denominations to sensitise them on the importance of taking part in the elections.

Musford says will also target the youth to advise them on how they should conduct themselves to avoid being used during campaign period by politicians and later dumped with no any benefit.

“So, we want to teach them on how they can conduct themselves responsibly so that they also benefit at the end. We are also going to meet the aspiring candidates to tell them how they should behave during the campaign period – we don’t want politics of castigation as that breeds chaos and the one who suffer are the ordinary supporters,” he said.

Currently, the organization has already applied to Malawi Electoral Commission for accreditation to conduct civic education during the forthcoming tripartite elections.

About Musford

Musford is a non-governmental organization which was formed in 2009 and was registered in December 2012 under the Trustee’s Incorporation Act.

Its mission is to promote democracy consolidation, unity and religious tolerance towards a united Malawi for national development.

The organization believes in unity, as a result, it works with both individuals and organizations.


  1. As a muslim my goal in lf z 2plz Allah ‘sw’ and my duty is 2 raise islam above all other way f life b it demcracy, so hw can i accomplish the abve with musford’s call? The best call z 2 call 2 islam and nt to any way f life. Our all shud be 4 khilafah.

  2. I think brother Kawinga does not have a vission for muslim generation. He with others thinks for themselves than muslim communities at large. For example; we have educated yaos on secular and few both secular and islamic muslims. The so called muslim leaders has failed us time and again because of greedy.Thats why we have alot of muslim organizations all doing the same activities because they want to be leaders and spices one another in public. If their intentions were islam in their hearst they would have to stick together for the common purpose. It is the waste of time and energy to mobilise the muslims especially youth when elections are just round the corner for your gain. Please lets have a long term plan for future muslim generation to take over the state and the government. We can start from Islamic pre school, primaries, secondaries, collegies and universities that can be 30 to 50 years plan. We can do it. Champions are not born but they are made. Lets make the future of our muslim generation in this country. Stop being greedy. Mwana wa mnzako ndi wake yemwe ukachenjera manja udya naye.

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