Muslim Association of Malawi Gets Approval of Phase 2 Funding from the Arab World


    While at home, the old established Muslim mother body, the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is currently administered by Executives, who their mandate expired in April 2016, and is making efforts to conduct elections, the donor community, is more than convinced and has released the second phase funding, for its development projects in the country.

    The by default (MAM) Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad made the confirmation of the approval of the second phase of funding during the official opening of the newly constructed Ndalama Mosque in the area of Traditional Authority Namseta in Thyolo district.

    “I am glad to announce that our donors have approved the second phase  funding for development and each and every Muslim in the country should proud of it” MAM chair applauded

    The current MAM Chairman, is appealing to Malawian Muslims to be proud of the current administration of MAM, for its efforts and prudent handling of donor funding, and that no Muslim should tarnish that image to the hard won foreign developmental partners, so that development projects should continue for the good of Muslims and Malawi as a country.


    MAM Chairman (Center) cutting the ribbon during the official opening of Ndalama Mosque in Thyolo funded by Dubai Charity association

    The MAM leadership emphasized that, it took the efforts and courage of the association’s executive to convince foreign developmental partners to begin releasing its funding.

    “As an association, MAM has been for years dormant, with no developmental funding coming from both local and foreign and the resumption is a blessing to cherish,” said MAM Chairman.

    Since the resumption of funding for development projects, MAM managed to engage in commercial farming, currently taking place at its old Gada farm at Chadzunda in Blantyre, with the assistance from a Kuwait donor. The farm is involved in chicken rearing and goat keeping husbandry.

    The chairman called for a moral campaign for the upcoming elections, emphasizing the need to dwell much on policies than personality ambush.



    1. It is a great honour and privileged to the mother organisation which for a quite long time had been dormant without any tangible development.
      Now,the unfortunate side of story is that,we hear a lot of uncalled of words from the same people who were siphoning the little money it had that they wants to contest yet,they were there but nothing come out for people to see except self enrichment.
      For Allah sake,let us allow the current leadership of Idrissa Muhammad to continue with good and commendable work. May Allah reward him Jannah and victory in the forthcoming elections.

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