Muslim Cleric Urges Parents to Teach Children in Homes


A Muslim cleric (Sheikh) at Nkhandwe Mosque in Nkhotakota district has asked parents in the country to teach their children in their homes amid closure of Madrassah.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi Muslim Website, Sheikh Stambuli Aims Shaban says closure of Madrassah came in after Government order to close all learning institutions in the country.

“Madrassah was closed after Government order to close all learning institutions. The pandemic is real and so far it has killed many people in the country. It would be inconsiderate to continue teaching the students in Madrassah when COVID-19 cases are escalating,” Sheikh Aims Shabaan told Malawi Muslim Website.

He says it is a responsibility of parents to teach their children in homes.

“As of now, we don’t know when we will reopen Madrassah due to the fact that COVID-19 curve is not flattening. Parents should take a leading role in making sure that their children continue learning how to recite Qur’an, sayings of prophet Muhammad (Hadith) among others, ” he says.

Sheikh Aims Shabaan hails Government for its efforts such as closing all learning institutions to defeat the deadly virus.

“It is hard to observe social distancing in learning institutions and Government was right to close them. COVID-19 is deadly and it is our responsibility to defeat it,” he told Malawi Muslim Website.

Muslim children and elders go to Madrassah to acquire knowledge that help them to shape their Islamic knowledge. The knowledge helps them to be productive to the religious of Islam and Malawi as a nation.