Muslim students are game changers- NAMSA Chairperson


    National Muslim Students Association (NAMSA) Chairperson Yassin Sadi says Muslim students in the country are game changers.

    Sadi made the remarks last night when addressing the students on how NAMSA has planned to serve them.

    The students courted NAMSA to clarify on how it has planned to execute duties after spending eleven months in office.

    “We are game changers. With this curiosity that we have it shows that we can achieve a lot , together we can. What we need as students is to conform to what is supposed to be done in order to develop the country and deen,” he said.

    Sadi asked Muslim students in the country to be dedicated and accept to serve voluntarily.

    “We are really serious to see the change but most of the students are not ready to engage in voluntary work. As National Executive Committee and other committees leading different Muslim Students Assocations (MSAs) they dedicate themselves voluntarily with the aim and passion to see the change emanating from with us,”

    “Much as we are looking for actions ,let us also look at the sustainability of what we prioritize. It is not a secret that quantity matters less but you quality,” Sadi said.

    The Chairperson promised the students to continue implementing all the activities drafted in NAMSA Action Plan.

    “Currently, we have embarked on Career Guidance (The approach of the career guidance is different from what we have been seeing) we are to implement it properly when all necessary things have been met,”

    “We embarked on database creation that will contain the necessary information including number of students in existence and we were expecting to get at first from those at tertiary level going down. We have also been organising workshops that are aiming at developing students in all angles,” he said.

    According Sadi, the activities have been divided in categories to ease coordination and coordination of events.

    NAMSA is a national body that coordinates Muslim students in the country. The mother body conducts its duties through four regional MSAs.These are Eastern region MSA ,Southern region MSA, Central region MSA and Northern region MSA.