Muslim Women Deplores the Tendency of joining Christian Fellowships

    Mibawa Masjid Women Listening Attentively

    Muslim women in Soche Hill Blantyre have been urged to avoid participating in Christian fellowship prayers as the tendency is wrecking Muslim families.

    The call was made by Muslim women from Mbayani Township during a day-long dawah get-together meeting held at Mibawa Masjid in Soche Hill.

    Speaking to Muslims Official Website, Mbayani Masjid’s Muallim who led the delegation Sheikh Mussa Abdullah explained that the dawah get-together was aimed at encouraging the Muslim women to acquire proper Islamic education that will in turn strengthen imaan in their families. “A Muslim woman who is steadfast in faith is a strong pillar in a family where even the children can never go astray,” he added.

    Sheikh Abdul Aziz Simati who hosted the Mbayani Muslim faithfulls appealed to the women to flock to madressah in large numbers in order to understand their deen “and never be pre-occupied with gossip and rumour-mongering,” which he said is a hunting ground for fellowship groups.

    There have been reports in various localities that Muslim women are coerced by their non-Muslim neighbours to join Christian fellowship prayers ‘to pray to Jesus Christ in order to witness miracles’ that will solve their problems overnight, a development that is against Islamic Tauheed (monotheism) and is also causing friction in families whenever the husbands discover that their wives are involved in such malpractices.


    1. This is very true. The sole reason behind this malpractice being ignorance of their deen.These kind of women get togethers need to be conducted frequently to leave no room for those who are looking for miracles and not the hereafter.

    2. It is true that the biggest weakness amongst muslims is lack of knowledge of their faith.this is our major enemy as muslims. once we fight this, we will discover that most of the problems we are facing wont haunt us anymore.Islam as a religion is a fountain of knowledge and yet we,the followers lack behind in almost all fields.why should it be the case when we supposed to be pioneers of learning in this world? Therefore the imam's call is very much welcome.we must all come together and join this campaign. otherwise, we will lose not only women, but even men. because the majority can not explain Islam to their neighbours.this is regretable indeed.let us reclaim our position in the world in terms of knowledge.May Allah help us acquire knowledge in abundance.

    3. Its quite unfortunate that our women are not confident in thier own deen. Its all because of ignorance. This tendency also applies to all of us who think that our prayer can not be answered through swala and DU'AS. Read more of the Wonderful last testament (HOly Quran) and witness the wonders.You'll agree with me that you were just delaying yourself. Thesae other people who claim to provide solutions through their faith (blood of Jesus) are fake and Satanists. They wosrhip the devil in the name of the Lord.

      Open your eyes good people!!!!!!!

    4. Yes ignorance is the corret wording. You will notice that most sisters do not like attending madrassa despite the fact that they are not working and spend the whole day at home.

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