Muslim Women Organisation Donates Blankets to Balaka Orphans

Sister Lipenga (middle) handing over items to Mbatamila Orphans

The hand of giving is better than that of receiving; a friend in need is a friend indeed, so goes the old adages. The sayings came alive on Sunday morning in Mbatamila Village T/A Nsamala in Balaka district where Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) donated over 100 Blankets to the orphans.

The ceremony held at Mbatamila main Mosque, came in a right time when people in that area were facing a lot of problems, according to the group village headman Mpulula.

MWO Regional coordinator for the South, Sister Asiyatu Lipenga who led the group said she was shocked with the way children are suffering in the area and it pleased their organization to go and share smiles with them.

“We have been travelling in other areas to do the same work and now it pleased us to come here and do the same so that these children should also live a happy life. We have to treat them [orphans] well because we don’t know that from these children we can end up having a president, a Member of Parliament and even school principals,” said sister Lipenga.

Sister Lipenga also appealed to other people and charitable organizations to assist MWO financially or materially so that they should be able to assist all those in needy.

“Let me appeal to other people and charitable organizations that please help us, whether financially or materially so that we should be able to accommodate these underprivileged Muslims. Whether you have money or you have clothes that you don’t wear, please call me, I will come to collect them all and go to distribute to these kind of people. If we leave these people, who else are they going to help them?” asked sister Lipenga.

On her remarks group village headman Msamala said she was very happy with the donation saying it will help to solve some of the problems that were there among the orphans.

“I am very happy with this donation because I believe that it will help to solve some of the problems these children were facing and we urge MWO to continue this good job. We have a lot of orphans here some I know they didn’t even get their share. We urge all other organizations to come and assist them as well,” said chief Mpulula.

Assisting orphans is one of Muslim Women Organisation’s initiatives which aimed at uplifting the welfare of the underprivileged people including the elderly, according to the Blantyre district chairlady, Lipenga.

Among other dignitaries who attended the ceremony are member of Parliament for Balaka West honourable Nazreen Pilani Mia, T/A Msamala and other members from MWO.


  1. This is a good development. Muslims have been expecting programmes like this.Do not rag behind our beloved mothers.We are proud of you.Continue to be the first to assist this ummat.Allah described us the best ummat raised amongst people.Allahu Akbar.You are proving it.Keep it up.May Allah reward you in abundance.

  2. May Allah bless the hand that giveth. This is a wonderful gesture.

    May Allah also guide the Muslim sisters to dress wholly Islamically, especially the leaders should be exemplary in order not to confuse the youth and others.

  3. May Allah bless the hand that gives. helping orhans is a very important work to be done and is a responsibility to every Muslims and a non-muslim. Rasul (saw) was an orphan, he never neglected to help orphans. We should know that once an orphan is supported, he can become a beneficial individual in a society. These childred are our childrn, we need not to look at them without any consideration. If we do not manage, then make dua for them, Allag (sw) shall replace you for someone who shall help them equally, and then He shall reward both of you equally. And for those keeping orphans in their homes, Allah (sw)has warned a lot, those who mistreat orphans by squandering what they don't deserve to have from them, and He has openly promised those people a merciless hell fire. May Allah keep us away from this.

    I encourage those who work on orphans to keep doing so until they (the orphans)become of age, depend on themselves and help others.

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