Muslim Youth Showcases Poetry Talent in Lilongwe


    Anganga Ajabilu

    Muslim youth in Malawi recently assembled to disseminate Islamic knowledge to their colleagues in Lilongwe through poetry. The artists, who features in the Chola Changa program on Radio Islam, are on the countrywide tour to showcase their poetry talent through live performances.

    The presenter of the Chola Changa program on Radio Islam Taimu Jimmy said that he will continue with the initiative despite it being new to the Muslim community.

    “What we are doing might be new to the Muslim community; to propagate Islam using poetry. Even during the time of our prophet people used poets to outdo each other, we are also using the same to propagate the religion (of Islam). I am therefore urging the Muslim community to welcome us and support and give advice where necessary,” said Jimmy.

    Asif Yassin

    The Lilongwe function also unveiled a visually impaired artist Asif Yassin who travelled all the way from Salima to join his fellow Muslim poets.

    Speaking to Malawi Muslims Website at the sidelines of the event, Uthman Boma from Chinsapo said that the way that the messages were being delivered cannot be said by a sheikh, “it was a youth talking to a fellow youth, so they know what language to use to communicate to their fellow youth,” he said.

    The Chola Changa Radio Islam program is aimed at promoting poetry in the Muslim community. The program had its first live performances in Blantyre in the months of May and June this year.

    Some of the notable artist who featured at the function include; Yusuf Bamusi, Josephy Ashraf Kadzakumanja, Luanar based Issa Zuze, Hassan Phiri, Kim Dinala Itendo, Hissabu Lupale, Yassin Mkwepu, Janatu James And Mangochi based Bwanali Kaisi.

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