Muslim Youth United Conducts Successful Blood Donation Camp in Blantyre


    Martin Luther King, jnr once said “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ and if you ask the same question to Muslim Youth United Assistant Project Coordinator Moulana Riaz Bhana, the urgent answer would be ” he donated blood” to save lives.

    On Sunday, Moulana headed Blantyre based Muslim youths in donating blood during the blood camp which was necessitated by Muslim youths united in collaboration with BMJ, LMJ,PAKISTAN WELFARE, BILAL TRUST AND MBTS in the blood donation camp.

    Speaking in an interview during the donation at Mpingwe sports club, Moulana Riaz said blood donation is one of the most significant contribution because many people are in need of blood in many hospitals, so this blood donation camp will necessitating in saving lives.

    “Whoever saves a soul it is as though he has saved all mankind”.(AL-MAA ‘IDA-32). We are planning that if we can be having this blood donation camp each and every year so that we can save many lives as possible,” he said.

    Muslim youths united was established in 2014 and the main aim was to help the needy in a halaal way. Apart from the blood donation camp, the youth-led organisation  has been having many functions which are aimed at helping the needy and cheer those who have lost hope.

    “We managed to visit Bvumbwe juvenile prison, Madrassah Tanweer for the blind and the school for the Deaf and mute just to mention a few,” added Moulana Riaz.

    Meanwhile, the coordinator has revealed their plan to establish a feeding program at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

    He said: “We have come up with this project because we have done a research that many people are starving to find food because there homes are far and they don’t have any relatives around.”