Muslim Youths Urged to Protect Islam through Education


The Chairman of National Muslim Students Association (NAMSA) Hamzah Jasper DAEL has urged Muslim youths in the country to protect Islam through both secular and Islamic education.

DAEL made the remarks during a get-together on Sunday, 18th July, 2021 facilitated by Mzuzu Muslim Youths Jamah at Katoto Islamic Secondary School in Mzuzu City.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi Muslim Website after the gathering, DAEL said it is a role of Muslim youths to protect Islam.

“I stressed on protecting Islam as one way of youth’s responsibility by attaining education of both nature (religious and secular). I highlighted that if most Muslims get educated it will mean their full participation in different government and non governmental matters where decision making is mostly involved,”

“Such being a case Muslims will be able to defend Islam as they ensure that those decisions made are not infringing with our Islamic way of living,” DAEL told Malawi Muslim Website.

In his remarks, the Guest of Honor Sheikh Arab Kayinga Phiri reiterated on some of the responsibilities of youth in Islam.

Sheikh Kayinga who is one of the Directors of the Board of Muslim Youth Society Organization among others said that Muslim youth should have visions and implement them even though the fruits of that vision will not reach them.

He emphasized on the future of Islam where he said that the youth are holding a great responsibility .

“This responsibility was even there in the early era of emergency of Islam as some of the followers were youths (eg. Zaidu who covered prophet when he was being stormed at Twaif),” Sheikh Kayinga said.

He concluded by saying that the base of all responsibilities the youth have in Islam is education as once one is having education is able to make strong decisions which result in playing ones responsibility in an acceptable manner.

The gathering was attended by all Islamic Organizations and Youth Associations in Mzuzu City under the theme ” Reminding and Rebuilding Youth Responsibility in Islam.”