Muslim Deaf Society lessons wanted-ABM


    If wishes were horses everyone could ride. There goes the saying. This was at the Muslims Deaf Society Annual Board Meeting held in Blantyre.

    Muslim Deaf Society (MUDESO) has been called upon to extend their services to the hearing and visual impaired school going youths in the country.

    The member Honorable Mahmoud Lali, Mp commended MUDESO interim committee for initiating the organisation targeting school going children irrespective of their religious background.

    Honorable Lali said the services provided by Mudeso are boasting the morale of the impaired youths who are at school.

    He said these remedial lessons are very important regarding equality and equity in understanding classroom lessons.

    The Managing Director of hbi media services Mr Rodrick Mulonya another board member cautioned the initiators to desist from the Malawian syndrome of wishing leadership positions and not willing to meet the ambitions of the positions.

    “This has come as a trend in Malawi that we want to be seen on top of the organogram but don’t want to deliver as required by the positions”. Mulonya said.

    “This organization can perform wonders by creating employments for those with impairments” he continued.

    Commenting on what Rodrick Mulonya said George Chipwaira a member of an NGO responsible for empowering the youths in better living expressed his sadness on the blossoming Non Governmental Organisations that their good objectives die prematurely because of the tendency of financial ambitions.

    “You see many Non Governmental Organisations engage in door to door begging saying they are asking for donations to help their organisation implement the projects. This is bad for an organisation. Good organizations should get funding from the donor community through presentation of project winning proposals” said Chipwaira.

    Chipwaira asked starting NGOs to be project oriented.

    He advised the interim committee to hold on to their positions until the areas highlighted in the annual report are polished and amended.

    “While the number of learners is increasing, we need all the sign language and brail teachers to under go a formal training to enable them thoroughly prepare for their work.
    There is growing demand of these classes to many districts like Ntcheu, Mangochi, Machinga, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.
    The local donors who are helping us have specific areas they chose but we wish big that could reach out to those in need of these services.

    There is insufficient network with our fellow organizations willing the same.
    We wish all deaf and blind could access better education through bursaries as others are to improve on their education within and outside the country” reads part of their challenges in the report.

    The local donors are Mai Aisha Trust, Bilaal Trust, Oasis Trust and Eshan Products and other individuals.

    Mudeso is an NGO whose objectives are to promote trainings to the blind and deaf in different disciplines.

    The organization has three special needs volunteers Hassan Zinyoza, Mmadi Kaisi and Esther Hara teaching sign language and brail at weekend classes at Limbe Primary School where the organization is renting.

    The meeting elected Sh Imran Mtenje of Tyre Port Shop in Limbe to the position of the interim chairperson and the former chairperson Brother Ahmed Masha to head the organization’s secretariat.


    1. This is a welcome development. We need such kind of organisations in our Muslim community. But I would implore the members to keep their eyes open for organisation to progress and achieve its goals and objectives.

    2. A good organisation indeed.The group should be well known to all so that it benefit all.All angles of society needs to be cared for.Thanks to the founders.May Allah give you strength for its sustainability.

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