Muslims Question Malawi’s National Population and Housing Census Report


    Some quarters of the Muslim community are not satisfied with the Malawi’s National Population and Housing Census report which put Muslims in the country at 13.8 percent.

    On Friday, June 7th NSO released the final 2018 report which says the number of Muslims has increased with only a single digit – 12 percent in 2008 to 13.8 percent in 2018.

    However, after reading the report, some Muslims went into the social media disputing the report saying the figures were “tippexed”.

    “Tipex has also been used on this report!,” Future’e Abubakar Mdeza commented on Facebook.

    In his remarks, Ishmael LastBorn WaLeman, also said the report is contradicting itself.

    “The population of Yao tribe is 2.3 million and 90 percent of Yaos are Muslims. Some districts in central region like Nkhotakota, Salima and Dedza have a majority of Muslims. And in every district in Malawi there is a number of Muslims ranging from minority to majority.  How come the population of Muslims in Malawi is only 2.4 million?,” he said.

    Ishmael therefore suggested Muslims should conduct its own census inorder to get the actual population of Muslims in the country.

    He said: “Muslims of Association of Malawi must register all Muslims in Malawi and the correct population of Muslims will be known.”