Muslims Should Be Proud of Their Heritage in Malawi

    “Muslims are naturally leaders” Sheikh Mustahab Ayami

    Muslims in Malawi have expressed their satisfaction at  the contribution that they have made in Malawi despite their forefathers having been denied secular education by Christian Missionaries.

    Delivering a lecture at the 2012 Eid-ul-Fitr prayers that were held at the Upper Stadium in Blantyre, Sheikh Mustahab Ayam said Muslims in Malawi have all the reasons to be proud, for having contributed to the social and cultural development in Malawi and that they have the capacity to do more if they were to fully utilise the lessons learnt during the month of Ramadhan.

    Muslims listening attentively to Sheikh Mustahab Ayami

    “Our forefathers utilised their leadership potential up to their capacity such that they left a legacy that formed a foundation of our cultural heritage in Malawi,” said the Sheikh.

    “Let’s take the garb worn by our chiefs for example, it has it’s roots in Islam, such that no chief can be coronated in Malawi by the President or a Minister without putting on a robe and headgear.”

    “It did not therefore come as a surprise that the first person to become a President of Malawi during the multi-party dispensation was a Muslim. We inherited leadership qualities from our forefathers and we have an obligation to continue that legacy.”

    Bakili Muluzi –  former President of the Republic of Malawi

    He added that Muslims are naturally leaders and they should question themselves whenever they feel marginalised or oppressed by the powers that be.

    Amani Kunje – NIFA President

    The 2012 Eid-ul-Fitr prayers at the Kamuzu Upper Stadium were organised by the Islamic events management organisation based in Blantyre called Nikah & Other Islamic Functions Association (NIFA).


    Sheikh Muhammad Uthman Ntalika – led the clergy at Upper Stadium



    1. one of the best well organized Eid in recent history. The choice of presiding Sheikhs was excellent. Their messages was excellent. People came on their own not ferried in trucks. The PA system was good. I however, have the following observations: Organizers could do even better to translate the Khutba into Chichewa. I am sure it is possible; there seemed to be 2 Directors of Ceremonies. Next time maintain one. But overall, it was fantastic.

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