Mwanza Reverts Cry Foul Over Lack of Islamic Infrastructures

    The reverts in Mwanza standing outside their masjid

    Muslims in the area of Traditional Authority Nthache, Mwanza district have bemoaned lack of Islamic Infrastructures, which they have described as a setback to the spread of Islam in the non-Muslims dominated area.

    Three years ago over 300 people from the area embraced Islam after a certain Dawah organisation led by Sheikh Ali Abdul stormed the district which lies 80 kms away from Blantyre city.

    Soon after converting to the religion, several organisations pledged support to these Muslims such as construction of Masajid and Islamic learning centres.

    However, a recent visit by Malawi Muslims website indicates that the area has no any facility apart from the dilapidated glass-thatched house which was turned into a masjid.

    Sadly, just 5 metres away from the masjid there is locally brewed liquor (Kachasu) point which attracts several imbibers and this disrupts salaat at the place.

    (Left) is the Kachaso brewery point which is five metres away from the dilapidated masjid (Right)

    In an interview, Anne Abel said she fears for their children’s future since they is no learning centre for Islamic studies.

    “We are surprised to note that up to date there is no any single organisation which has come forward to assist us despite a lot of them pledging their support.’’

    While pointing at the mosque, Abel said the masjid which is being used by Muslims from villages of Jeke and Gwedemula leaks which makes them to fail offering swalaat during rainy season.

    Concurring with Abel, Idrissa Winikesi said that while their counterparts in other districts  such as Mangochi and Machinga are enjoying the plethora of masajid, to them it remains a dream.

    ‘We wonder what does it take for an organisation to come to an area like ours so that a Masjid should be constructed,” he said.

    Interestingly, if you travel from Blantyre to Mangochi you will see masajid constructed along the road and the distance from one to another is less than a kilometre.

    Because of closeness, some of them are habitat of rats, spiders and other insects. But to the organisations that construct such masajid, don’t care how they are being used as their aim of showcasing their portfolio to donors is fulfilled hence being constructed along the road for easy accessibility.

    After observing that Islamic organisations are sidelining the remote areas like that of Mwanza, certain individuals are coming to the rescue in a bid to ease the lives of Muslims in these areas.

    For instance a couple of days ago a Blantyre based businessman Telela Gama became the only person to donate assorted food items and Blankets to these Muslims whom most of them are needy.

    Of course, this was not the first time for Gama to reach out to these Muslims as he did the same last year.

    Muslims receiving Iftaar hampers donated by Gama

    However, commenting on the development Sheikh Ali Abdul chairperson of National Dawah Association (NDA) said that their effort of inviting people to the  religion  is  jeopardised  as some due to lack of knowledge  go back to their old faiths.

    “As comparative Daee, we are saddened by the failure of our organisations to provide facilities to the coverts. This really shows that our work is not being appreciated. This is really demoralising our effort,” he said.

    Sheikh Abdul said as NDA he has been approaching several Islamic organisation but to no avail.

    There was no any official comment from Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) yet. But earlier this month, MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad said his organisation will do everything possible to make sure that Muslims in remote areas also benefit from the funding that other Islamic organisations in Malawi are getting from different donors.

    Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi in Mwanza.   Marshall Dyton in Blantyre also contributed to this report.


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