My Open letter to Ijtimah Committee


In Islam, it is a well-known and indubitable fact that there is no distinction between politics and religion as other monotheistic religion such as Judaism and Christianity do.

The church clearly calls for the separation of religion and politics which is not the case with Islam. Islam as convincingly argued by its scholars is: Deen wa Daulah, meaning that Islam integrate worldly life with the eternal life. The Quran unequivocally states that:

“{But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters Qur’an 28:77}.”

Nevertheless, this integration should and must be carefully understood because there are some technical areas that if not well taken into cognizance Muslims will take a wrong path.

Muslims in the country were happy to learn that the differences that rocked the 2012/2013 ijtimah committee were resolved amicably. This development was welcomed by Muslims in the country with joy, in the sense that they thought that this year’s event will be successful as promised by the organizing committee. But unfortunately, it is very sad to understand that the committee is again experiencing a new wrangle which has led to the division of the committee into two different factions again.

According to reports, the committee is divided on the issue of the guest of honor: is it true? If it is true then it’s a pity development which will raise a number of questions i.e.; who is the guest of honor? On what merit and criteria is one be eligible to be selected as the guest of honor, and is it because of what and/or who he/she is?, or what he/she contribute toward the event? I hope the committee will have answers to these questions.

For instance if one is to be invited because of the support rendered to the event, then my next  question will be, what will happen if  one offers support more than other well-wishers who donated toward the event earlier than him and due to that are selected to be the guest of honor? But I don’t think that this is the yard-stick used in this context.

We thought that we are moving a pass forward but it seems we are stagnant at the same place. I would advise the committee to solve this problem as soon as possible so that the event should take place as prearranged. This is, if really the event is sorely organized to glorify Allah. Allah’s blessings will be showered upon the gathering with or without the so called guest of honor.

If you don’t agree on one guest to be invited then I would suggest that you should make your daily guest Allah who does not need invitation to bless the function. But, I should also state here that you are also very free to demonstrate to the Muslims of Malawi that the essence of Ijtimah is not to get reward from Allah but rather to feed your narrow individual interest. This is the time to show how matured and spiritual you are if really your intention is to obey Allah and to serve the nation by doing the right thing .

Lastly I would invite all of you to seriously ponder the meaning of the following part of the aforesaid Ayah and make your decision“And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters”

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  1. I wonder if you really can go public baying for the blood of the Ijtima organizing committee based on rumours. What kind of Islam are we practising? What kind of Islmic Ummah are building / promoting? Why should we be angry on an issue which we do not have evidence on? And for purposes of maturity and professionalism, we know who is organizing the Ijtima this year, why can't we approach them; hear them; discuss with them on what we feel is better for Islam and Muslims' if indeed there are differences on who should be the guest of honour at the Ijtima? Koma mpaka an open letter!!!!! I can't believe this?

    • Hassan I think you also don't think straight. What has ijtima changed or benefitted to the Muslim ummah over the years? What have they to show for holding these ijtimas over a period of time. I think you are part and parcel of those that are benefitting from this bautiful Islamic event that greedy Muslims like you have turned into a money spinning event for the benefit of a few. Why can't Muslims accept constructive criticism and learn to do better from it. Yes, people like you and the whole ijtima commttee need open letters because you don't seem to understand. Talking to you will not make a difference if you are can't realise that its high time you need more than open letters. Call a spade a spade and move on. And what is a guest of honour by the way, what does he/she do, what kind of difference does he/she bring to any event? Why not invite mufti AK Hoosen or Menk be guest of honours because I believe we can gain a lot from them.
      You old folks are the ones that are spoiling our beautiful religion of Islam. Holding ijima or not has no difference for the rest of the Malawian Muslim ummah because it benefits them nothing except making people like you rich.
      I wish if our dear Asian brothers stop donating to this event because the money is going into the pockets of a few. Za zii.

      • Send as many open letters as you wish, it's your democratic right. For your information, Ajetu (and I wonder why you are hiding your name), I am not a member of the Ijtima Committee. I am only commenting just like you are doing. It's good for democracy. But calling each other names is not Islamic, it only demonstrates misunderstanding Islamic principles. Islam calls for respect for each other, not calling each other names. Go through your reply to my article and you will see what I mean, if you really are a Muslim.

        • Which Islamic principle do you know or practise? I don't think you are the right person to talk about Islamic principles. The thing is you apply these principles if they are only in your favour and if they are against your interests you turn the tables. We are tired of you people and your dirt tricks and the writing is very clear on the wall. All the old folks, your time is now out. Whether I am a Muslim or not is not the subject here, the subject is do the right things or follow Islamic principles as you have rightly mentioned and see if people will raise their fingers.
          You are only good in lip service and eating money from amwenyes.

    • Hassan Nkata, what you should know and understand is that FACTS ARE ESTABLISHED BASED ON RUMOURS.If you don't understand this approach,just read the history of the second Khalifah UMAR and see how he used to tackle issues.After all if you don't like this then just change if you are one of them or advise them to do so if you are not part of the accused group.more open letters will follow if people like you still hold the evil in your hearts and hid the truth.

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