National Quran Competition Hits Finale

Sheikh Matiya: All is set
Sheikh Matiya: All is set

This year’s National Quran competition is expected to end over the weekend with over 30 participants expected to be awarded prizes in different categories.

The competition which started in April this year will see contestants battling it out for the top prizes at the national level on Saturday, June 22 at Kameza Training Centre.

The contestants are those that won in their respective regions previously.

But the prize presentation will take place on the following day, June 23 at the Magnificent Iqra Islamic Propagation Centre in Blantyre with Transport and Public Minister Muhamad Sidik Mia being the guest of honour.

One of the organisers for the competition Sheikh Aman Matiya told Malawi Muslims Official Website in Blantyre that all is set for the finals and subsequent prize presentation for the 9th edition of the annual event.

“We expect a good competition on Saturday as the boys and girls that have qualified for the national phase deserve to be there.

“And on Sunday it is going to be an auspicious occasion for the winners to be awarded their prizes accordingly. Prizes include money amounting to MK50, 000, mobile phones, bicycles and Mattresses,’ he said.

The competition among other reasons aimed at encouraging Muslim children to memorise the holy book of Alquran.

Previous winners in the last editions were sent to participate in international competitions in countries like Tanzania, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

It is yet to be known whether this year’s winners will be accorded the same opportunity to compete at the international level.


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