NDA Chair Condemns Malawian Muslims for ‘Insulting Dawah’


    Sh. Ali Abdul

    Sheikh Ali Abdul, National Dawah Association (NDA) chairman in Malawi has expressed his divergence with the ‘insulting’ dawah being carried out by other Muslim brothers in the Country.

    People of other denominations have been complaining that daees use offensive words when doing their dawah activities – the thing, which also saw the off air of Tipange Dawah program on Radio Islam Malawi few months ago.

    The reports say that daees use defamatory words especially when doing comparative dawah, that involves the proportional of the Biblical and Quranic verses and the chair condemns the system, saying it is not in accordance with the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (saw).

    “First, we have to take note that those people who go to church every Sunday, go there with the intention of praying. However, what it needs for us is to show them the right way of worshiping true God but not castigating them,” he told MalawiMuslims.Com.

    “The prophet Muhammad (saw) once also told his followers about this system. He said: ‘Do not insult or use any abusive words about their gods because it won’t be good if they do the same to your true God,’” he said.

    As one way to find a solution to this problem, Sheikh Ali Abdul says his association is to hold national assembly where among other things they will discuss how dawah should be conducted in the Islamic perspective.

    “Actually, soon after Malawi Muslim Association (MAM) elections, we are going to organize the workshop where will address and discuss these issues,” he said.

    However, the chair expressed his excitement with the way people are reverting to Islam. He said over 100 returns to Islam after each dawah séance.

    “Alhamdulillah! The number of people reverting to Islam is increasing every day. 180 people revert to Islam on each dawah session we conduct,” he said.

    Sheikh Abdul further appealed to who will be MAM chairman to establish Dawah Academy where these new Muslim brothers and sisters will be equipped with Islamic knowledge.


    1. Yes moderation is the best way in everything. Going over board to the left or to the right is not at all good. Its good alot of people are seeing the light and revert to islam Al-hamdulillah. There are coolest methods of doing dawah without offending anyone at all. Personally the dawah that was given to me some 8,9 or so years ago was so easy and simple al-hamdulillah. The brother who gave me dawah did not know the bible that much but made me understand islam from just the islamic perspective and he later just used the available tools such as the deedat’s literature and other than that alhamdulillah.
      Thumbs up! to sheikh’s ideal of trying to adopt moderation in giving dawah to christains and the likes. Most of these people are misguided and with Ikhlas they follow these beliefs so we have to be easy on them. Peace to all.

    2. I have visited this site for the first time and what I was looking for has been in this article. Let there be a training school for all dawah groups to equip them properly so that they can continue the good work. Radio Islam should have a qualified Daee to edit the programs before airing

    3. Theres nothing muslims can do to be appreciated by non muslims Us long As it is the work of dawah people will alwz b agaist it, muhammad peace be upon him was the best dayee remembr what he went through in makkah lets open our eyez brothers radio islam has the best producer for the program am proud to say that i know what he go through to come out with that program, if you one of those who have once gone to this dawahs you will appreciate what am saying he tries to remove some contents which i know some pple have also blamed him for that

      If the comparative dawa programme is to be asuccess, well trained Daees are needed in our community.The major problem we got is that pple just rise today and start preaching without proper education be it madrassa or secular.So that is a set back.It is diffrent with the older Daees in the name of Sheikhs Ali ABDUL,Abdulkarim Kamwendo,Abu Masapula(vertran sheikh in preaching) even the time of the Late marehem Sheikhs Abubakar Ndawambe etc.They were well equiped and well mannered interms of preaching.Thats why the comparative dawa survived all these years.Let the trainning happen. Sheikh Kawinga.

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