Ndakwera Converts in Happy Mood as Construction of New Masjid Begins

    New Ndakwera Masjid

    It was like a mere dream in October last year when over 100 people in Ndakwela village including the headman converted to Islam within a day. There was nobody went there to force them but they gently came back to their faith because of Sheikh Baheer Hassan Goba who have been a role Muslim model in the area.

    To show that they have welcomed the religion, the converts built a grass-thatched Masjid and donated over 9 hectares of land to  all Islamic organisations that would want to construct Islamic high learning institutions.

    The news rippled out slowly through well-wishers  that these people are in need of urgent assistance, more especially Masjid.  When some people received the news, did not want  just to talk but to share with what Allah has bestowed upon them. Finally, these converts are happy as the Masjid they have been waiting for, begins in the area.

    New Masjid

    The construction of the Masjid started a month ago and it is now at a roof level. The first phase has costed MK700,000 and the organisers are appealing to the Muslims in the country to put their hands on the project as there is need for another MK700,000 to finish the project, one of the organisers, Bro. Maulana Riaz Bhana told MalawiMuslims.Com.

    “Alhamudulillah, we have finalised the first phase and currently we are at the roof level. We are appealing to well-wishers to continue to help us financially or materially as we now only need another MK700,000 to finish the project,” he said.

    Bro. Maulana says the money will be used for plastering and buying of Iron Sheets and “the Masjid can accomodate 100 people.”


    Old Masjid

    Meanwhile, according to the Imam at the Masjid, Sheikh Hussein Goma says the number of converts is increasing everyday with 300 people now in a record. Sheikh Hassan Goba whose Muslim lifestyle attracted the people in the area, is the one who is paying and  accommodating the Imaam in his house, the thing which is tough for the Bio-Care shop owner. Therefore, the supervisors are asking Muslims to remove that huge burden from him by building a house for the Imaam.

    Some of the Converts being adressed by Sh. Ahmed Chienda

    According to the one of the converts, group village headman Ndakwela told Malawi Muslim Official Website that he embraced Islam because he was pleased with the love and passion which Muslims are showing  in the area regardless of their faith status.

    “What has really made me to become a Muslim is because of the behavior of some Muslims here in my Village in particular Sheikh Hassan Goba. They are very loving and passionate indeed, that is why I decided to join them so that I should be one of the pious,” he said.

    Group village headman Chapemba also did not hold his words but to express his excitement by coming back to the faith he had lost and appealed to all those who have not yet embraced Islam to do so saying “Islam is only true Religion of God.”

    “I am now free because I am a Muslim. I have been looking for a true religion of God and only to realize that it is Islam. And I am promising that as Chief, I will play my role to spread this Deen,” he said.

    Sheikh Ahmed Chienda, Limbe Islamic Information Bureau Coordinator who also visited the area last year,  said he was impressed with development saying it just shows that people are now able differentiate what is true and not.

    “This is a welcome development and I am really happy to see this happening in this area because it is one of the areas which have been neglected by other Islamic organizations. And the first convert being Chief, I am really impressed,” said Chienda

    Chienda also asked other Muslims in Malawi and around the world to treat their neighbours with good kind because it is one of the measures Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to spread Islam in other countries.



    1. This will be the first landmark building in this area hence attract mass's attention. May Allah protect it, muslims donors and well wishers from fitna.

      • May Allah bless all Muslims who are paying charity like builbing such wanted Masjeed in the area which has been neglected for along period of time. Please Newly elected MAM build more Islamic Centres and Masjeeds and make sure that you build Islamic Shops which can be selling ISlamic clothes,Books etc and open Islamic Television so that Muslims can be exposed to it and also build Islamic University so that our Childrens can go further with their accademic studies Inshah ALLAH.

        This is Yusuf E.D. George

    2. May Allah reward all the pacesetters of this project.Others just talk more and make empty promises but these pictures bears testimony of these people's works.JazaakumuLlah.

      • Assalam Aleykum, I ask permission to share this interesting story on Facebook. It really attaracts me as it shows how islamic behavior can attract other people into our deen. I believe it would be benefial for other muslims to learn from this article.

        Thank You So Much



    4. May Allah reward the brains behind this project. I hope and trust that the project will be finished within the scheduled time. Let us pray to Allah to increase the iman of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who decided to revert to their origin faith-Islam.

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